Rhythm Incorporated

A compelling, captivating and credible reggae group called Simon White & The Rhythm Inc. Band based in Western Massachusetts is about to reverberate in a powerful way across the reggae Diaspora. The five-member magical ensemble brings a fresh and unique hybrid sound to the musical landscape, a sound that infuses elements of reggae and hip hop with a soulful twist, and this exciting and intoxicating new blend of beats is expected to make jaws drop on the road and on the radio. Simon White is a musical pioneer, and the band forms part of a new wave of American-born reggae artists who are blazing a trail of unprecedented success in the reggae and Rastafari music industry globally.

Simon White & The Rhythm Inc. Band quietly came together as a band several years ago in Western Massachusetts, born from a vision that was cradled by group leader and founder Simon White to grow and build from his early exposure to reggae and roots Rastafarian livity. Simon’s father was an American-born musician who grew up with modest means, and who spent ten years in the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church in Jamaica. By an early age, thanks to his father’s influence, Simon was cultivating musical skills in songwriting, and his passion for a career in music was exploding. When he turned twenty-one he made his first trip to Kingston, Jamaica where he spent over a month familiarizing himself with the local culture, learning about Jamaican landmarks and meeting producers. That trip opened many cultural doors for Simon, and it also boosted his determination to craft a career from reggae.

His influences back then were a mix of old school reggae icons and hip hop legends – Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Dennis Brown and Burning Spear. He also had great admiration for Tupac and the Fugees on the hip hop side. Luck was with Simon growing up in Wendell, MA, the same small town as The Loose Caboose Band, who became one of the first reggae bands to make it big from that area. The partnership was productive as it provided valuable insights into the fascinating world of reggae music.

After the Simon White & The Rhythm Inc. Band was formed, the group established itself as a serious and solid regional force. Other group members are keyboardist Jason Metcalf, Jamemurrell Stanley on drums & percussion, Nico D’Amico, lead guitarist, and bassist Andrew Atkin. They quickly attracted the attention of New England promoters and enjoyed the good fortune of opening for reggae acts including Collie Buddz, Yellowman, Culture, Raging Fyah and Denroy Morgan.

In February 2018, Simon White & Rhythm Inc. Band put their first commercial release on the market, a 5-song EP called Beautiful Day. True to their brand of music, the compilation is a mélange of reggae, hip hop and dancehall, an attractive magnet for the hundreds of thousands of college students who reside in New England, as well as for fans beyond those borders. The songs include Beautiful Day, Lambsbread Herb and If I Could. The EP is self-produced and the themes in the songs range from ganja to love, unity and social injustice. The legendary Denroy Morgan has sweetened the pot, producing the band’s next single, Have No Fear, to be released in August on his ASAPH label, and distributed by VPAL/VP Records.

“We have been abundantly blessed to have veteran reggae artist Denroy Morgan as our manager, mentor and guide”, White said. “We’ve seen the miracles he has created with his own children, Morgan Heritage, grooming them to win a Grammy, and we are hoping that this collaboration will bring us similar blessings.”

In the meantime, Simon White & The Rhythm Inc. Band is focused on working hard to grow their fan base to wider audiences. The band members all pledge love for reggae music from the heart, and they plan to connect to music lovers nationally and globally as they continue to push the barriers of reggae and hip hop to astonishing new heights.