Outer Stylie

Outer Stylie is a rock band located in the creative vortex that is the Pioneer Valley of Western, Massachusetts. Although the name originates with the release of their self titled album in 2008, the band really came to fruition in 2014 around the current line-up. Up until this point the band really searched for their sound. This is evident through many line-up changes and the vast difference in sound between albums. Their search equates to evolution, and their new album, Puzzles, scheduled for release Saturday, April 16th at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA, fully exemplifies the uniqueness of their sound, equal parts hard rock, psychedelic, groove, and soul.

Outer Stylie’s presence in the Western Mass music scene is undeniable, having regularly packed the areas best clubs, as well as directly supporting nationally touring acts such as, Kung Fu, Turkuaz, and Consider the Source at Pearl Street Nightclub. However since 2014 they have picked up much more steam regionally, gigging and gaining fans all over the Northeast including Boston and NYC. Much of their success has come through the festival circuit of the Northeast including their hometown festival, Strangecreek/Wormtown, where they’ve been known to draw some of the largest crowds of the weekend. The main attraction to Stylie at festivals is that they sound vastly different than the rest of a given line-up. Focusing heavily on the song and improvising a few times throughout the set instead of every song, has made their live sets energetic, honest, and thrilling while still holding true to great songwriting. These guys bleed rock n roll and when you see them on stage performing, it is impossible to deny this.