Long Arm Rex

Long Arm Rex is a female-fronted reggae-jam band based out of Boston, MA that focuses heavily on the groove, incorporating elements of dub, psychedelic rock, pop, and ska. Since hatching from its shell in 2014, Long Arm Rex has continuously made it their mission to bring you a unique, “rexified” spin on modern reggae. With an impressive amount of original tunes as well as a host of carefully crafted covers, LAR brings an action-packed night full of positive vibes each time they take the stage. Their infectious energy is palpable and truly shines in their live performances, allowing their fans to fully let go and get lost in the music.

Back in 2014, long-time friends Caroline Crawford (lead vocals) and Aaron Darter (lead guitar, vocals) decided to start a new project. Through Caroline’s family, they then met Alexa Stamison (bass, vocals). A few months later, they met Jeff Pezzone (drummer), and thus the pocket of Long Arm Rex was formed. After a couple months of writing and playing shows in mainly the Boston area, Long Arm Rex put out their first EP “Hatched,” consisting of 4 original songs and a cover of “Earth Angel” by the Penguins.

A little less than 2 years later, Long Arm Rex put out their first full-length release entitled “Rebel”, featuring fan-favorites “Southbound”, “Empty Pockets”, and their rexified cover of “No Diggity” by Blackstreet. And finally, a few months later, Long Arm Rex found their missing ingredient – James Allen (keyboards, vocals). James brought into existence a whole new dimension, fully enabling LAR to expand into dub and psychedelica.

James Allen’s influence is evident in Long Arm Rex’s latest release, “RISE!” This is surely Long Arm Rex’s most focused, coherent effort to date. This 5-song EP takes you on a warm, reggae-filled ride packed with tasteful, groovy, licks and spacy dub sections. “RISE!” also signifies Long Arm Rex’s entrance into political territory, with the closing songs “One Candle” and “Rise Up,” empowering the listener to take action in today’s divisive world.

After hitting the festival scene in early 2018, the future remains bright for Long Arm Rex. Their fan base expands each time they perform, as people latch on to their contagious energy. They’ve expanded to most parts of Massachusetts, and plan to continue to venture out and find new markets. Keep a close eye on them as they head back into the studio in early 2019!