Leon Trout

Leon Trout is breaking into the Jam scene with a bang. Since their inception The Trouts have been playing music focused on groove and power without losing that all important danceability. With roots in Boston, Leon Trout has played countless bars and clubs ranging from Great Scott to their residency at The Middle East Nightclub. Gathering a steady grassroots following over the years their music has elevated them to the stages of several regional music festivals such as Wormtown, Strangecreek and New Hampshire Cannabis Freedom Festival.

With a new album in the works Leon Trouts music is continuing to evolve and grow to new heights. Tight complex compositions relentlessly slams into creative improvised grooves. With genres ranging from Funk to Latin Jazz to all out Rock and Roll this group manages to tactfully throw these ingredients together to create a dish like no other. If this group brings one thing to the table it is energy. With an eye in the future and a foot in the past there is no ceiling for Leon Trout.

Vocals, Guitar / Avsha Elan
Guitarist & Vocals / Aaron Cram
Bass / Sam Slotnick
Drums / Roger Dumaine