Roaming Entertainer: The Knotty G’s

This form shifting group is fronted by multi-instrumentalists Chuck Knott and Gill Henry.

Chuck Knott: vocalist, mandolin, guitar, bass, banjo, pump organ, and drums.

Gill Henry: vocalist, guitar, mandolin and ukulele.

Chuck Knott, a Wilmington, Delaware native, started learning guitar from his father at age 9. Knott has an impressive career including countless solo shows over the years and core involvement with the Americana group New Sweden, the “shred’n’flow” touring jam band Jahman Brahman and regular appearances with Wilmington based Reggae group Spokey Speaky. Throughout the years Knott has shared a stage with some impressive strongholds in the music scene such as members of String Cheese Incident, David Bromberg, Robert Randolph, Ed McGee of Ekoostik Hookah and members of the Grammy award winning Levon Helm Band, Amy Helm and Byron Isaacs. He has also been an active part of the festival circuit and has performed festivals such as Bonnaroo, Philadelphia Folk Festival, Firefly, The Werkout, and Hookahville.

His recording with Bill Moriarty who has produced and engineered records for Dr. Dog, The Districts, Lotus, Tall Tall Trees was an experience that was both exciting, educational and a turning point for his career.

Now Chuck has teamed up with Gill Henry, a vocalist that transcends time. Her smooth and sultry tones along with her talent for stringed instruments makes them the perfect combination.

Gill Henry’s love for singing was apparent from the time she began speaking. Her training in performing began in the theatre, where she performed locally for several years and eventually sought education in. She decided a few years back to take it to another level. She worked tirelessly expanding her range and learning the guitar, mandolin and ukulele. Within months of performing publicly she jumped into the club scene in the NJ/NY area and she was on her way.

Her solo successes gave her the exposure she needed to become one of the top performers on the east coast. She is endorsed by Didomenico Guitars and regularly plays her custom mandolin, known for its unique sound and design.

The pairing of Knott and Henry could have been called magical from the start. They met in an entirely unplanned fashion while sitting in on a mutual friend, Laura Thurston’s set in Fairview, North Carolina. The pair realized their mutual love for the art and their similar goals stylistically as well as in performing. Utilizing Knott’s vast understanding of theory and prowess for playing, as well as Henry’s raw vocal quality and natural ease in performance, the two set out to provide audiences with their favorite aspects of music combined with a jovial, lighthearted attitude that can sometimes be lost in performance. The music and lyrics they create together is something that one rarely sees. Their unconventional approach to genre has created a dedicated following of their unique style known as “genuine music”. In the short time they’ve been a team, they have amassed an impressive list of stages and festivals, including the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, The Ladybug Festival and Wormtown Music Festival. They are keeping active and touring, but during breaks from being on the road these two are recording their EP and expect that their originals will be as well received on record as they have been live.