dB Jams TAB

ATTN: PHISH, TAB, AND JAM BAND FANS: Don’t miss out on the fun when dB comes to town!  Dave Brunyak (formerly Pink Talking Fish) leads a talented new group from Boston performing one set of his funky, energetic original music followed by one tribute set to the amazing Trey Anastasio Band! 
Dave’s new music is a blend of inspired songwriting and guitar playing with exciting improvisation that will leave you feeling exhilarated. dB has added new dimensions to his catalogue by featuring added live percussion and horns to his classic jam-band sound. He has merged these elements with fresh ideas that create a diverse performance that has depth and sounds joyful! 
Phans are in for a special treat as Dave then takes phandom to new heights by doing what he does best. With his new Languedoc guitar, Dave channels his hero in a spirited and authentic tribute set to Trey Anastasio Band. A dB show is the perfect blend of new and familiar sounds, bound to delight anyone and everyone.


To be a fan of dB is simple: enjoy good music played well! See you there!