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Long Autumn

From the waves of the wobbly vibrato-soaked guitars, to base lines so thick they will send a new pulse through your chest, brand new Boston 4-piece, Long Autumn, deliver a dark, tense, mystical side of modern Alternative/Indie Rock.

Wheel Out!

The room is alive with rhythm. Passionate lyrics come from Roosta, the veteran Jamaican frontman. Deep reggae grooves. Hip-hop vibes with a twist of jazz and pounding funk bass. Music that arouses you to dance. A vibe so deep that powers across cultures and across oceans. This is Wheel Out!

Roosta spent years as a frontman of Fear Nuttin Band, touring all over with the likes of Toots and the Maytals, Tribal Seeds, SOJA and many others.

Now Roosta has brought together a new crew for a creative powerhouse. Improvisation and energy spark the way as they bring reggae to a new level. Combining roots rhythms and attitudes with modern cross-cultural vibes has bred a new and powerful force: Wheel Out!

Blue Flamingos

Jazz/blues rock fusion – touching on our inspirations of the Grateful Dead, Phish, Zappa, and Talking Heads among many others. Love to dance the night away!!

Dogs In A Pile

Psychedelic, Multi-faceted, Jazz infused, Jam Band, with Grateful Dead and Phish influences. Each of the artists come from a different background, and present their own talents to every new, unique live performance. Dogs has performed at many venues such as the Capital Theater in Port Chester, NY MOOGS Place in Morristown, VT and at the famous Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ (just to mention a few…). Below, you will find the entire WHOLE LIVE STREAM from the Garcia show at the Capital Theater, November 26, 2019!!

#Live! You’re watching a FREE LIVESTREAM of Dogs In A Pile’s pre-show set brought to you by your friends at Garcia’s. ENJOY!

Posted by Garcia's on Friday, November 29, 2019

World Wise

3 Piece. Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Jazz, Funk.

Guess Method

Guess Method is a four-piece group on the rise from South County, Rhode Island. They play dyanamic dance music with high energy rhythm and low volume groove taking insipiration from a wide variety of funk, jam, and soulful artists. Their debut single “Think On It” is available on Spotify and all streaming platforms, and they are currently in the midst of recording their first full-length album.


Founded 2015, Freeo is a 3-piece band from New York City that merges a variety of unique influences to create an improv based rock and funk experience.

BookHead SweetTooth

Root Blues Soul Folk Funk

Mutt Farm

Mutt Farm is a new genre – Northern Rock! If you enjoy bands like Skynyrd and Floyd, you’ll love Mutt Farm!

Mutt Farm rocks Nothin fancy in Vernon

Posted by TOP SHELF Entertainment INC. on Sunday, January 19, 2020


Based in Cape Coral, FL, NostalJah brings together roots reggae, r&b, jazz, pop and hip hop into one package creating a unique blend. Influences are pulled from some of the most talented and recognizable artists around the globe plus their own, which helps to shape their sound. Nostaljah stands out as one of the top Southwest Florida (SWFL) reggae bands.

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Posted by NostalJah on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Melic Moon

Cape Cod based band Melic Moon is melting pot of different styles including pop/rock, r&b and jazz. You can hear echoes of their influences such as Fleetwood Mac, Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday, and The Cranberries in their songs. They’re debut album is set to release Spring 2020.

Happy Monday! Amalia Ververis & Mike Machaby covering Dance Monkey by Tones And I 💫

Posted by Melic Moon on Monday, November 11, 2019


Conceived of decades long friendships rooted in creating music Upstate New York’s four piece jamband Stereopticon has carved out a place in the regional jamband scene. Releasing their debut album in 2010 the band has been touring regionally for over the last decade. A career highlight by festival spots, to club stages and college towns throughout NY State and the northeast region. Creating a blend of sounds derived from rock and funk Stereopticon pushes the envelope of the traditional jam band framework.

Musicians Jonny Peris (Guitar, Vocals), Kevin Fitch (Bass, Vocals), Dan Swartz (Keyboards, Vocals), and Chris Howard (Drums) have been writing and performing music together for many years. Since their beginnings they have written hours worth of upbeat original songs, and have performed countless, electrifying live shows gaining them new fans and dedicated listeners everywhere they go. Expect tight grooves, and solid improvisation at every live Stereopticon show.


Mixing elements of funk, soul, and jam into a sturdy base of rock n’ roll, Connecticut’s Joon is a band with a sound that’s as smooth as it is large. Joon has built a reputation of being a vocal powerhouse, delivering high energy in every performance with a sound similar to that of Hall & Oates, Dave Matthews Band, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The band has been touring all over the eastern states at notable venues like MGM Springfield, Brighton Music Hall, Visulite Theater, Rockwood Music Hall, and many others since their start in 2016.

They have shared the stage with acts such as Ripe, the Hip Abduction, Zach Deputy, Aqueous and held featured slots at major festivals including High Hopes Music & Arts Festival in 2018 and Disc Jam Music Festival in 2019. Crunchy riffing, harmonized vocals, and a ton of energy filled the band’s 2017 debut album, “Back To Reality.” A live set from Joon, which often borders on downright electric, makes for a perfect cap to an eventful evening.

Joon is currently working on their second studio album set to release Spring 2020.

The Winter Project

The Winter Project creates styles that range from punk to alt country to power dirge anthems. Thematically, their songs deal with broken dreams, abandoned relationships, the trappings of vanity and even a scathing indictment of the very music industry itself. Poppy and dance-able, the music appeals to a wide range of audiences.

The Schroons

Developed far away, in the high Wasatch. Originally conceived in a town so quaint, it’s become an international hotspot. Brought to life in a Burlington basement as dank as the rest. And named after a lake the band has never been to. We are The Schroons.

The Schroons, a quintet based out of Burlington Vermont with a wide range of backgrounds.

The Schroons specialize in rock with hints of Americana, and bluegrass all played with an electric mandolin.


Sam Angell – Electric mandolin and vocals
Rob Strasenburgh – Bass guitar
Andrew Tonra – Guitar
Adam Schini – Keyboard
Zach Santarsiero – Drums

Kill The Standards

Classic rock infused with modern rock. Invoking lyrics, insane guitar solos, and riffs like you couldn’t believe.

Dirty Black 7

Dirty Black 7 is a heavy metal rock band ranked #14 on the NY rock charts.

DIRTY BLACK 7 is NYC’S most original hard rock band. Real Music performed by a real band. A DIRTY BLACK 7 show will grab and keep your attention. You will not be disappointed.

DIRTY BLACK 7 is hard rocking unit that combines hook laden songs, hard edge and a down home southern feel and they pull it all together. DIRTY BLACK 7’s influences are a melting pot of Southern, Country & Hard Rock and blend them in to one unique brand of music you got to call HARD ROCK WITH A SOUTHERN KICK.

Jeremy Beck & the Heavy Duty Horns

JEREMY BECK & THE HEAVY DUTY HORNS draw on a solid funk and soul tradition to ignite audiences with their unique sound. Think Prince meets Tower of Power, with a healthy dose of the Doobie Brothers. Jeremy has worked with artists ranging from Bonnie Raitt to Kool & the Gang to Missy Elliott to Bob Weir to the Broadway production of Hamilton. His original songs examine love’s quirks in a way that is funky and makes you want to move, while the group’s cover material puts a fresh spin on classic hits. Their new EP (coming soon) captures the band’s heart and soul – from hip dance jams to lovelorn ballads – but their live shows are where the magic happens. Playing venues such as Brooklyn Bowl and the Knitting Factory as well as festivals and private events, the music of JEREMY BECK & THE HEAVY DUTY HORNS guarantees listeners the best night in town.

Double Star

Co-founded in 2017, Double Star is a Boston-based, female-fronted, pop-rock celebration! Dubbed “Punky Doo-Wop” and “The Pixies of ska,” Double Star brings a mix of punk-rock riffs, high-energy horns, lush harmonies, and (arguably) excessive use of hyphenated words.


Some folks call it spoken word while other claim it’s older,
I doesn’t matter much to me, the mic just makes me bolder.
If you’d like to fly away and visit other places,
Come and listen to me friend as we fill the spaces.

Otter Riverfacebook-icon

Otter River is a band of boys hailing from the town of their namesake. We’re just four boys, just, trying our best! Our guitars are loud and the bass is ass groovy as we can get it! Fans of Ween will see the threads we’re pulling.

Brother Kerry and the Hoptonesfacebook-icon

We are a very tight Funky Rock n’Blues outfit from Hopkinton MA. We have an album of Blues classics that we have funked out. Features great guitar playing and very tight rhythm.



Rolling Nectarfacebook-icon

Rock n roll psychedelic soul. A nostalgic spirited interpretation of old school feel and groove with a modern touch.


How do you describe something when it has a different meaning for everyone?

Let’s hear what fans of Sesh, the four piece Southern New England based See-Where-It-Goes band, might say:

“Like, I don’t know man. It’s just that feeling you get, you know? They’re just grooving and like, you don’t know, like, what’s gonna happen. You could be bouncing along to some hip hoppy beat- bum tshh bu bum bum tshh- and then bam! All of a sudden you’re like being transported to future ancient Egypt. It’s cool, man. Real cool.” – Leaf, Brattleboro, VT

“When I calmed down and opened my eyes again, it took me a sec to remember I wasn’t actually at a Rage Against the Machine concert” – Kyle, Boston, MA

“Came for the lyrics, stayed for The Ham.” – Obie, Providence, RI

“Sash? Yeah, I got one once for winning a pageant back in high school! I like it I guess, but I can’t ever really wear it anywhere now without looking stupid.”- Brittany, Lakeville, MA

Debbie and the Downersfacebook-icon

Traditional Country Music and originals

Sonic Sourcefacebook-icon

Hey there! This is Sonic Source, one of the competitors from the 2017 StrangeCreek Battle of the Bands. We’ve been going to Wormtown and Strangecreek since 2004! With 3 vocalists, 2 guitars, a keyboard, a violin, drums and bass, we play a wide array of genres of music: funk, soul, rock, reggae, hiphop and more! We’re excited to compete in this year’s Battle, with an updated set list and a couple more years of gigging under our belt!


BEAN Stew: A Recipe

4 Parts Southern New England Jam Scene
2 Parts String beans
1 and 1/2 cups of percussion
A dollop of disco
A pinch of prog
A hint of hootenanny
and a whole lot of Love

Blacktop Strutfacebook-icon

We are a rock/blues original band from South Shore of Mass. We are a fronted by two women with killer harmonies and live energy to spare! Our music has been described by South Shore Magazine as “Black Sabbath meets Alabama Shakes with a touch of Adele”. Our shows are extremely high energy. Vote for us so you can shake what yo mama gave you.

Souls of Zionfacebook-icon

We are a Roots Reggae band from Jamaica/Connecticut with Original songs and no covers.


Channeling doom-y riffs, the slap & pop of funky basslines, explosively rhythmic vocal prowess, and thunderous percussion, the three piece power trio Hamjob! never fails to keep crowds guessing in between songs.

Combining influences ranging from Zappa, Primus, Sabbath, and good old fashioned boot stomping bluegrass, Hamjob! travels through many landscapes to round out their genre-bending sound.

Drop Partyfacebook-icon

Drop Party is a CT based funk / jazz / horn-heavy band that will take you on a journey to the greatest party of all time.

Jeb Bush Orchestrafacebook-icon

Entirely apolitical, mostly instrumental funk with the sole purpose of making you dance.


Allovous is an improvisational dance-rock band from Springfield, MA. Stretching the boundaries of musical possibility show after show, Allovous looks to ascend and transcend its listeners beyond what is now known.

From the show last Saturday! A little snippet of our song “Picnic at Home” just a little part of the jam segment! Enjoy 🙂

Posted by Allovous on Monday, October 28, 2019

Immortal Jellyfishfacebook-icon

Deep from the depths of athol mass formed a bloom of Immortal Jellyfish. This is a 4 piece of funky chuggers bringing you a mix of funk, rock, random high energy jams, and other genre melding assortments of musical pleasures. They’ll be sure to make your bodies wiggle like jellyfish.

61 Ghostsfacebook-icon

Joe Mazzari & Dixie Deadwood:
61 Ghosts is a cross between Springsteen and Nashville Pussy. They’re as raw and honest as it gets. “Joe has one of those gravelly, raw vocal deliveries—think Springsteen after a half-pint of cold Clarksdale ‘shine—and you get the picture. The band’s sound overall is deep, primal, and hittin’ on all 8 thanks to the rock-solid rhythm section. The Dangerous End of Urban Blues.”… The Rocking Magpie, Newcastle, UK “61 Ghosts, growls and roars in the language of dirty Blues with its blend of Hill Country homegrown styles, electric rock, and Americana. Gritty vocals and feral guitar chops are provided by Joe Mazzari, former guitarist for Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls) as well as fronting his own bands and recording with producer Jimmy Miller (The Rolling Stones, Traffic, Motorhead).” The Alternate Root Magazine. Dixie Deadwood made her mark as the drummer for Leo ‘Bud’ Welch for several years. ”61 Ghosts brings the music of the Delta into focus as the forbearer, if you will, of rock and roll. Joe’s guitar and vocals over Dixie’s deft rhythm propulsion is bound to take the listener to the edge.” Don and Sheryl’s Blues Blog Nashville Blues Society.

Dogs In A Pilefacebook-icon

DIAP has very successfully played the greater Capital region in NY. We debuted at Rye Bread 43 and were booked on the spot to return this year. Jam packed The Rustic Barn and are booked to play at The Hollow in Albany NY in February. We have a very dedicated fan base in the Hudson Valley.

Dogs in a Pile is a band of accomplished and committed young musicians currently hailing from the Berklee College of Music and The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Their original music is reminiscent of a psychedelic journey thru space and time all while nestled in the eye of a perfect storm. Never knowing when the eye will shift, one may find him or herself in a sway of soulful bliss, lost in a sea of funk or in a fury of poetic chaos. Entwined within this synthesis lies the Dogs’ rapture, the undeniable intrinsic rhythm of give and take between band and audience.

DIAP have successfully opened for MOE., The String Cheese Incident, Blues Traveler, Umphrey’s Magee, Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer, DSO, Aqueous, God Street Wine and Twiddle. They’ve performed numerous times on such notable stages as the Stone Pony, Garcia’s at the Capitol Theatre, and the Brooklyn Bowl, The Cutting Room as well as numerous festivals and venues from NJ, NY NH, VT, PA, WV, and back again during their extensive 33 date Tour this past Summer.


Funk band inspired by jazz and pop music.

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Sir duke - at the stone church opening for @daylo

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Pi Wrecksfacebook-icon

We are an energy filled 6 piece band from Westfield, MA. Our music is a futuristic blend of soul, electronic, and hip-hop, our goal is to keep you dancing while making you think and feel.

The square root of Pi Wrecks is Funk

Posted by George Adler on Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Bred from the trails of strangecreek, comes Honeycomb an improv beatboxer And live looper with keyboards . Also loves Bringing other artist together to do jams during his set! Has done tours with Moon Hooch, Too Many Zooz!

Artist Jackie featuring BeatCo.ViaMentalfacebook-icon

Artist Jackie featuring BeatCo,ViaMental aka The Wizard have been described as Electro Punk by other local musicians. They bring the party to the stage with Songs like Holy Shit, Drugs,, Naked and High, Blue Lights, Used Jimmy (we get high before we go to work), A Joint a Bottle of Beer and many more. Artist Jackie is of the most recognizable performers to come onto the Providence music scene in recent years. Jackie and The Wizard began playing together at a 420 party in 2018 and since have become a regular part of MadCap Monday at Dusk and recently completed their first tour playing 80 plus shows in 2019.

Everywhere I look Sexy People !! Thank you all for Rockin The Met with BeatCo.ViaMental and I last night.. This...

Posted by Artist Jackie on Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Burning Sensationsfacebook-icon

What would The Doors sound like if they met Weird Al in a brothel that they can’t afford? The Burning Sensations have cultivated their collective whimsy to beg the question. Scott Meikle sings in an uncanny sense of vaudeville pastiche beside Ronnie Demaio who delivers his own brand of enigmatic snarl on guitar. Joe Scialla anchors the quartet behind the drum kit while Will Iannuzzi simultaneously holds down the low end and endows his melodic wizardry on keys. The band relentlessly proves themselves live with their genre-bending compositions such as “Wanting More”, “Murky Waters”, and “Do Me” and on their upcoming debut album available at their live shows and on Spotify, and iTunes, and other streaming media outlets.

The Varsity Clubfacebook-icon

Hailing from the South Coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island comes The Varsity Club. Named after one of the last all ages venues Machado, Hamilton, and Amaro met at while in previous bands over 10 years ago, fast forward a few years and they meet Chris who’s drumming completes feel of the music. The Varsity Club was formed to bring back some feel good music and energy of that time period.

The Marcus Monteiro Quartet

We are a 4 piece jazz funk fusion band.


Rock-based quartet from from Dover, NH harnessing elements of funk, jazz and psychedelia with an emphasis on improvisation. We make a point a playing predominantly original tunes and when we make the occasional divergence from from our music, we infuse it with some Memphous flair. None of us have been to Memphis.

Here’s a clip from our last show! 11/2/19▪️Wetsuit-> Poor Lee ->Cities▪️

Posted by Memphous on Tuesday, November 5, 2019


MacGuffin is a Psychedelic Rock / Jam Band based out of south shore MA. Influences include Phish, Ween, Frank Zappa and the Grateful Dead. The band has an eclectic repitoure of tunes of which no two sound the same. Often with a tinge of humor built in, they have a flavor of rich thematic storytelling gelled together with quality musical improvisation.

Lemon Streetfacebook-icon

Hey we’re Lemon Street! we are a five piece band out of the eastlongmeadow area w our drummer Justin vidovelli , Chris Carlson Sam and Brad Presta on strings, and our lovely lead lady Amanda Spear, bringing to you our interpretation of alternative semi-progressive jazz/funk w some blues mix-in, hope you like Lemonade

Thank you so much for this amazing video sam Labonte! Stay tuned guys new music out this Summer!!! ~🍋~

Posted by Lemon Street on Monday, July 1, 2019


High Energy Aggressive Funk

Local Honeyfacebook-icon

Local Honey is a rock and roll band with a touch of funk, a lot of grit, and the ability to keep you dancing for a hours. It’s the love child of seasoned lower CT River Valley musicians Erin Smith, Frank Natter, Christopher Jankowski, and Abe Wilson.

Sons Lunarisfacebook-icon

Sons Lunaris (SUNS loo-NAHR-ihs) is an award-winning rock band originally formed in Lowell, Massachusetts in 2016. The group consists of founding members Justin Martin (lead guitar) and Alex Simpson (lead vocals, harmonica), and Jeremy Thorpe (drums). Their style, rooted in blues-based hard rock, incorporates elements of psychedelic, metal, funk, alternative-rock, and folk musics.

Bud Collins Triofacebook-icon

Pop, indie-pop, psych pop, jazz, progressive rock, funk, reggae, lounge and more with an emphasis on improv. Comparisons range from XTC, MGMT, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Robyn Hitchcock, Brian Wilson, Camper Van Beethoven, Beatles, Elvis Costello, and Todd Rundgren among others.
The band have played with a number of well known acts including Max Creek, Bob Mould, Maceo Parker, Monks of Doom (Camper Van Beethoven side project), Blues Traveler and Sleepy LaBeef.

Whalom Parkfacebook-icon

Whalom Park is a 6 piece mesh of different musical backgrounds based out of the heart of Western Massachusetts playing a unique sound that we like to call “bathroom funk”. Taking inspiration and influence from acts such as Jim Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Blue Oyster Cult, and Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with a little spice from each of us, each show guarantees to bring you through a roller coaster of emotion and leave you wanting more.

Whalom Park - Echo Jam (live) at the Stone Church!

Audio of "Echo Jam" from a really fun show we played at The Stone Church last month, along with some new art from Matthew Kuniholm Art, please listen, like, and share! Thanks for being you.

Posted by Whalom Park on Saturday, April 13, 2019


World music influenced danceable Americana! Dance music with a message! Percussion, harmonies, and catchy melodic guitar licks!

Brother Guyfacebook-icon

Brother Guy is a 7 piece funk/rock/jam band, started in the summer of 2018, that specializes in creating a feeling that connects all listeners. Whether you are into crazy face-melting guitar solos, or just want to dance all night long, there is something for everyone in Brother Guy. We started by playing in our friend’s basements and garages, to eventually getting an in with Thunder Road in Somerville. We have been fortunate enough to be asked to come back to play with a variety of different bands and musicians and to some really amazing crowds. We have been building and getting more traction in 2019, as we just released our debut EP “Drawer Daze” that features 4 tracks of awesome, fun, and groovy music.

This album is a mix of feelings, from heavy funk jams to melodic soundscapes that transport the listener to a daydream. Coming from many different backgrounds of music, we wanted to create something that was unique to us, as well embodying the fun-loving vibe.

Expansion Projectfacebook-icon

Expansion Project’s evolving sound mixes Jazz Fusion dynamics with Funky high energy dance rhythms that keep people on their feet! Electronic/Computer experimentation has recently been added to their live sets, which gives this band an even more modern sound then ever before. They take the most pride in their live performances, when creativity and raw passion for music translates into a truly unique visual & audible experience.

The Stoned Ape Theoryfacebook-icon

We are a four piece band. Our music is high energy, fun, and original. We are not a typical Jamband, we get inspiration from all types of music.

Posted by Mikey Hutchinson on Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Habaneros

“The Habaneros” are an upbeat Rock n Roll, Ska, Reggae, Americana, Country, Funky, Calypso, Mariachi soup…playing a variety of original tunes!
You’re sure to find “The Habaneros” goofing off in bars, backyard BBQs, and venues around the MA and NH border.


Formed in 2015 in the city limits of Providence, RI, Mease puts its own spin on rock and roll, with a fusion of roots music and pure psychedelia taking you on a cosmic American journey. Having shared the stage with the likes of Redman, Members of Twiddle, Kung Fu, Jorgen Carlsson (Gov’t Mule), The Felice Brothers, Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars, Elise Testone, The New Motif, Lucky Chops and many others. Mease is quickly spreading to every corner of New England, cutting new grooves every step of the way.

Northern Bornefacebook-icon

Originating in the Adirondacks and currently hailing from Washington County, Northern Borne is a trio comprised of Sarah Babushkin (guitar, lead vocals) and John Wensley (banjo, resonator guitar), and Shows Leary on bass laying down some solid grooves. Northern Borne is an eclectic mix of bluegrass and folk with a hint of jam band and blues thrown in for an old-timey groove sound. Originals are derived from local experiences and often have a storytelling feel, while classic songs take an edgy twist. Sarah’s soulful voice and hard pounding rhythm playing mixed with John’s sometimes melodic, sometimes bluesy, sometimes Bluegrass banjo style makes this duo’s sound both unique and intriguing. Their music can drive down the track like a train or take you on a trip back in time.

DeepC Diversfacebook-icon

All original alternative pop rock, funk and reggae.

Cars Go Westfacebook-icon

Western MA based psychedelic indie alterna-phunk. Four adolescents bringing the beef to a town near you.

Uncanny Gentsfacebook-icon

We are a rock trio that combines a wide variety of musical and personal influences into a unique, moving, and memorable jam-based musical experience! We believe in and deliver a raw, bare-bones rock and roll sound just like the many great bands that influenced us including Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Green Day, Steely Dan and so much more! We think and feel strongly and we rock it out from our hearts!

Posted by Uncanny Gents on Saturday, December 28, 2019

The DeadHeads MAfacebook-icon

The DeadHeads MA channel the energetic creativity of The Grateful Dead’s earliest performances, while maintaining the bluegrass rock, folk style of their songs. All band members bring their characteristic playing styles and unique personas to the band’s sound, and are notorious for playing 3 hour sets with no breaks in between. Honoring the spirits of the originals in all their frolicking free-flow, but free of constraints like direct imitation. The songs are springboards for the artists while managing to be both familiar and fresh for their audience–The Deadheads are a must-see-it-to-believe-it Grateful Dead experience.

LIVE at Theodores' Blues Booze & BBQ

Posted by The DeadHeads MA on Thursday, July 25, 2019

Dead Electric Forecastfacebook-icon

Dead Electric Forecast is a high energy jam/rock band inspired by the pioneers of the 70s. With an eclectic mix of originals and songs that inspired them, the forecast calls for jam. Based out of Berkshire County in North Adam’s, MA.

Concrete Beachfacebook-icon

Funk, reggae, rock, and jams. Wide variety of covers as well, from classic rock, to modern top 40, 90s hits, and classic hip hop. Studio recording in progress, live EP up on our soundcloud

Greg Royfacebook-icon

Greg moved from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Boston in 2016 and has garnered positive reviews around the globe for his music releases and his incredible live performances with his world class band. His latest release “Tomorrow” is distributed worldwide through Tuff Gong International.


Dysfunktone is a high energy Jam Rock/Funk Group that love to get people dancing, but their mission is to curate a space for listeners to release their stress and find a feeling of community through their music and concerts.


We’re a 5 piece Alternative Rock Band based out of Branford, Connecticut. We write and perform all original songs,. Everyone in the band have influences that range from classical music/jazz to punk/hard rock. Our different backgrounds of music come together to create a unique and original sound.

Never Say Die

Anchor is an Alternative Rock band based out of Branford, Connecticut. Their wide variety of influences and musical backgrounds blend together to create an original and unique sound. The band was formed in 2018 by 5 members who met on a sailing team. Since then they have written countless original songs. The band released their first Demo EP Bleeding of Man on April 27th, 2019. Members include Taite Hodson(Bass &Vocals), Owen Calderwood (Percussion), Mateo Noble(Guitar), Sawyer Bouley(Guitar & Vocals), and Yann Calderwood(Keyboard & Alto Saxophone)

A Mean Minutefacebook-icon

Grunge rock meets metal meets hip hop