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Jake McKelvie & The Countertopsfacebook-icon

Jake McKelvie tours around the country both as a solo act and with his band, The Countertops. Having self-released numerous full-length albums and EPs over the years, Jake has carved himself a niche as a songwriter, combining a rapid delivery with stream-of-self-consciousness writing in a manner so singular that it is never in question whose songs are being played.

As featured on Daytrotter, WFMU, No Depression, Impose.

MangodoDiiriave and the sun shine bandfacebook-icon

I play Reggae, Raga & Jazz music, my music is a way of expressing thing that can’t be told with just hints of words. Every type music has its own story and emotions as for me any type of music which has deep meaning, emotions, thoughts is a win win whether it be trap, rock, blues, jazz, Reggae, pop.

Good Sleepyfacebook-icon

Good Sleepy is a three person alternative rock band from Worcester, Massachusetts. Using influences from bands such as American Football, Marietta, and Stars Hollow, Good Sleepy touches upon genres such as midwest emo, shoegaze, and hardcore music.


Getmo is a funk, psychedelic rock crossover band local to Portland, ME. Our soulful vocals, full horn section, strings and percussion bring a sound that is sure to get you grooving.

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam brings a new spin to alternative music. They blend intricate rhythms with melodic guitar work heavily influenced by The Strokes. Over the past four years, they have grown to be a staple band of the Pioneer Valley area.

Chris Eves and The New Normalfacebook-icon

Chris Eves and the New Normal blur the lines between rock, funk, and blues with a healthy dose of jam band influences. Thoughtful lyrics blend seamlessly with solid roots rock riffs, pop sensibilities and, catchy hooks. Based out of Syracuse NY, the band has shared the stage with such diverse artists as Spafford, Zac Brown Band, Jon Fishman of Phish, Turkuaz, Gov’t Mule, Cheap Trick, Gregg Allman and many others.

Their SAMMY award nominated debut album is now getting airtime on over 30 radio stations, a feature in Relix Magazine and is now available on most digital media services, including Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and Pandora.

Reverend Dan and the Dirty Catechismfacebook-icon

Reverend Dan and the Dirty Catechism are here to save your souls from a lifetime of wasted piety. Give your selves over to the spirit of rock and roll, be baptized in the rushing waters of sin. Life is for the living don’t wait for a promised salvation enjoy earthly delights with us.


Zillawatt is a CT based original Fusion-Funk band with roots in jam, hip-hop, and jazz-fusion music. As a four piece featuring guitar, bass, drums, and sax/keys, their vibe is energetic, kinetic, and versatile – combining sizzling chops and strong creativity to take you on musical trip you won’t forget!

Zillawatt is currently performing around the Northeast in support of their debut self-titled album – now streaming on all digital platforms and Youtube.

Sons Of Levinfacebook-icon

A band of brothers – literally and figuratively, Sons of Levin was founded by Connor and Dylan Levinson. Inspired by bands such as The Band, Phish, Grateful Dead and other classic rock mainstays, Sons of Levin offers their sound as an homage to previous great acts while delivering their own take on the modern jam/rock scene.

Kooked Outfacebook-icon

We’re a 4-piece rock n roll band from Boston MA, we mix in elements of surf, blues, reggae and punk rock. We primarily play originals but also play covers, and our performances are extremely energetic. Our influences include, Jimi Hendrix, The Ramones, The Beatles, The Ventures , Albert King, The Kinks, Sublime, Rage Against the Machine and many more.


Submarine is a 4 piece instrumental rock band who’s unique sound has been compared to a mix of Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Gov’t Mule, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, and Santana. It consists of a guitar, bass, keyboards & drums while incorporating some electronic sampling, various other instruments & sounds, and an incredible background visual video display.
The band is made up of seasoned musicians who have years of experience on their own but is a fairly new project for these musicians. Former members of bands “Fragile – The Classic Yes Show” an authorized Yes tribute, Brothers of the Road – Allman Bros. tribute, Electric Mayhem, In Step, Cinnamon Sky and the U.S. Army band bring a diverse background to the project.
Currently they have been performing in their area at venues such as Toads Place, Acoustic Cafe, Stella Blues Cafe, Two Boots Cafe , Spinstock , The Gathering of The Elements Festival, several local benefits and private Events. They have recorded their first album of original material and are currently recording their second album.

Changin’ Lanesfacebook-icon

Formed in 2013, ‘Changin’ Lanes’ chiseled out their plan to break out of the mold of the typical cover band! From classic rock to rockabilly, the distinctive sound of Jodi’s powerful yet sultry vocals combined with the unique sound of the rest of the band drive home their own interpretation of many popular covers. Dan’s own rockin’ lead vocals power out tunes by such artists as Tom Petty, Mick Jagger and many others.

Original blues and jazz based tunes by Vic round out this bands versatile and distinctive sound! Mix all that up, add three part harmonies and fat instrumentation and you have…Changin’ Lanes! Guaranteed to get you on your feet!!

Not Herefacebook-icon

Come Hear – Not Here

NOT HERE mixes it up with Psychedelic Jams, punk, blues and a touch of Funk. Not Here features saxophone, congas, guitars, bass and drums.
This high energy, original band has 4 singer-songwriters, which brings a variety of styles to shows. Conga’s and percussions provide counter rhythms / fantastic Sax solos / vocal harmonies & our heady Jams make a NOT HERE where ya wanna be.


Heavy psychedlellic rock and blues , That is what glympses is all about. Ryan Bowen(guitar/theremin) Tim Corbin(percussion) jude payne (bass) ian bowen (vocals) make up glympses with classic roots and fusion styles. Managed by rock legend jon Butcher of Jon Butcher Axis.

Glympses lead guitarist Ryan Bowen killing it with a Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck on their song Citronella, which will be featured on their upcoming album.

Posted by Glympses on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fire in the Fieldfacebook-icon

Boston’s Fire in the Field immediately makes an impression with their furious style of heavy driving rock, pushing the boundaries of rock n’ roll with energy, depth and detail. Nominated in 2018 for “Best Band In Massachusetts” by the New England Music Awards, Fire in the Field are known for dangerous improv overlaid with poetry. The music is an honest attack on the soul played with a sense of urgency and unfettered passion. The band’s signature endorphin-releasing, guitar-driven sound has a bluesman’s swagger with a punk heart. Frontman Mike Moore channels Hendrix via Prince, both musically and in showmanship, exploring the limits of the guitar with true abandon. Leaving it all on the stage, Moore pushes the envelope, exploring a melting pot of influences, from psychedelic and blues to funk and R & B.


KRUNKELSTILTSKIN is an American Crossover Prog band from Massachusetts. The band was formed in late 2013 when Chris GORHAM, Mike THURBER and Rich BUONAUGURIO formerly of DUDE, F*CKING, YEAH! started working with Bion DIAZ formerly of MOLECULES. With two keyboard / Vocalists and a dynamic rhythm section the band stands out as a singularity in the guitar driven rock scene. Their method is to funnel any and all musical genres into the ‘compositional grinder’ in order to churn out grand, silly and sometimes downright psychotic versions of hard, electronic, progressive rock, colloquially referred to as ‘Electrogrind’ music.

From there, the material goes on a horizontal screw conveyor.

The Goddamn Riverfacebook-icon

The Goddamn River is a group of Hartford area musicians that came from a variety of different backgrounds. With musical influences ranging from bluegrass and jam bands, to metal and jazz, our original music and cover song selection can certainly be described as somewhat hard to pin down to a genre. We put our heart into it, and we have some fun along the way.


In their one year of existence, Nikita has proven that they’re a powerhouse live act backed up by compelling studio work. Combining elements of Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire and D’angelo, Nikita brings a vibe to their music that is equal parts sexy and psychedelic with an original sound they’ve dubbed “Purple Soul”. Passionate, energetic and funky, their roots ensure that the Nikita family tree is ready to grow.

From the Arcfacebook-icon

From The Arc is a Hard Rock/Alt-Metal band based in Omaha, Nebraska. The band began in Thanksgiving of 2016 when vocalist Honeybee joined the group. Their sound was be best described as a blend of alternative, hard rock and metal riffs coming together to create catchy and melodic music. But in late 2018 Vocalist Honeybee parted ways due to internal issues. The band moved forward with new vocalist Shawn and are currently working on new music.

​The band is trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry with a solid work-ethic and relentless effort. Hoping to take this musical journey as far as they can, they utilize their passion for music to leave a lasting impression with anyone who comes to see them play. The group is comprised of five members, all who got their start on the local scene in other bands.

Many people ask “What does From The Arc mean?” The meaning is metaphorical…When you think of an Arc, imagine a luminous electrical discharge between two electrodes or other points, the source of energy. It is an endless string of connection that ties one source of energy to the next and always continues unless it is forced to stop by and outside entity. That is what From The Arc means and is about. Endless connection to the world and people around you, through music. That is why they are From The Arc.

Expansion Projectfacebook-icon

Formed in 2016, Expansion Project is a focused & hardworking trio, dedicated to pushing themselves everyday to spread the message of peace and positivity through music. Their evolving sound mixes jazz fusion with funk and high energy dance rhythms that keep people engaged and dancing.

The band unveiled their self released debut album Conscious Tortoise in October of 2018. Recorded independently then mixed and mastered with the help of Grammy award winning engineer, Phil Nicolo. (John Lennon, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Sting, Lauryn Hill..)

The album has been receiving positive attention from media outlets including The Jamwhich Magazine and 215 Music.

Accompanied by live visual projections, each set includes the saxophone, talk box, samples and crowd interaction. This power trio thrives on their live performances where they take the crowd on a musical excursion.

The Phrygfacebook-icon

Born of stardust and cosmic slop in a distant galaxy, The Phryg traveled lightyears in space to share his knowledge of deep interstellar vibrations. He spent years posing as an ordinary refrigerator across the globe before carefully selecting four elite earthlings in whom he bestowed the great power of the funk. After intense physical and mental training, the students would go on to form a band manufacturing melodious sounds unlike anything heard by the ears of mankind. Infectious grooves and tantalizing melodies woven into exploratory soundscapes seething with virtuosic solos and mind-blowing jams all while keeping that booty shaking.

Born was the future of music

This is…



SixFoxWhiskey is a jazzy funk-rock quintet out of Boston, MA. With a songwriter feel and jam band chops, they’ve refined a unique sound that is reminiscent of Steely Dan, Vulfpeck, and the Dave Matthews Band. The group has been performing live all over the US, bringing dynamic arrangements, catchy melodies, and improvised jams to the stage since their inception in 2016. They have opened for acts like Ripe, Fuel, Kung Fu, Hayley Jane and the Primates, West End Blend, and The Rustic Overtones, and held featured slots at major festivals including The Levitate Music and Arts Festival in 2017. SixFox released their debut full-length album, 6FW, in September 2018!


Meraki has come together with the intention of bringing high energy songs to their audience in a way that captivates the crowd like no sound has done before. Get ready to get hooked on the music and lyrics and get lost in the jams as they take you on a journey unbounded by the limitations of time and space.




Skyfoot is a powerful jam-rock quartet from Boston, MA. Now in their 7th year, the band has played over 390 shows all across the US. Live shows feature original songs that yield memorable improvised peaks and valleys. They’ve shared the stage with some of the jam scenes best regarded acts and continue to bolster live jam music in New England and beyond. If you enjoy the sounds of Phish, Bruce Hornsby, Tedeschi Trucks Band, and Grateful Dead, you’ll be very happy you discovered Skyfoot.

The 2012 debut album “Eternal Bend” features nine original songs including favorites Maybe Mississippi, Indigo, and The Mountain. The band released “Room For Space” in July 2014 with studio versions of crowd pleasers

My Grandpa, Ginny, and Dynamo. Skyfoot visited the recording studio again in February 2018 at Rotary Records in West Springfield, MA to record a 3rd studio album,”Blindly On Through” their first with bassist James Taylor.

It was released August 2018.


Out of System Transferfacebook-icon

Carrying the banner of righteous weirdness, here comes Out of System Transfer, NYC’s gonzo anti-folk punk rock radical leftist hootenanny. Their funny and fierce tunes make no concessions on their political leanings, blending the rage of Reagan-era punks like Dead Kennedys, The Dead Milkmen and Mojo Nixon with the rootsy feel and harmonies of acts like The Carter Family and Pete Seeger. These four anarchofolk weirdos have one main objective: to rock your entire ass off.

Mutt Farmfacebook-icon

Mutt Farm is representative of America as a whole – as the Melting Pot of the world. We are all mutts. Founded in the heart of New York State, among sprawling landscapes of towering trees, majestic mountains, waterways, and valleys filled with color and life that are the Adirondacks, Mutt Farm is a five-piece band that takes our fans and newcomers alike on a psychedelic journey. Our fans describe the band and music itself as a warm hug that completely surrounds you inside and out. The music itself is psychedelic Americana Rock, and all original. It has a sound and feel reminiscent of good classic rock with a little bit of a Modern Edge. These songs are Timeless and Universal in ways that blur the lines between generational gaps. Young or old, near or far, it doesn’t seem to matter, the music hooks them all instantly. The atmosphere around this ensemble is reminiscent of the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd wrapped in one. No matter how large or small the gig – no matter if it’s free or paid, Mutt Farm gives their audience the fullest of experiences, right down to laser lights and fog. Mutt Farm has played in the most challenging of conditions, in the rain, just plain in the middle of the woods, even an entire gig on nothing but two pallets. The band is prepared to quickly set up and tear down in virtually any environment. This band and music are perfect for any occasion. Most of the bands songs were written by Mark Kehl, who sadly passed away last year from cancer. Since his passing, the band has only become stronger, reintroducing Mark’s brother and cousin as members of the band again. Jamie Fox is the new band leader, and whether he’s singing, playing guitar, playing piano, or doing any of the above all while changing a broken string, there is never a dull moment when Mutt Farm hits the stage ?

Danny & The Partsfacebook-icon

Danny & The Parts is a 5 peice Americana band that is made of twangy guitar solos and sweeping female and male harmonies. The songs are originals written by Danny who fronts the band while engaging the crowd in an interactive type performance. Danny & The Parts will make you want to dance and live again . Rooted in jam culture Danny has played with Members of Max Creek, West End Blend, Shake Down St. To name a few. Good music good friends family.

How’s About Charliefacebook-icon

How’s About Charlie is an acoustic vocal trio from Providence, Rhode Island. Uniquely characterized by tight harmonies and easy acoustic instrumentals, this band has been enrapturing listeners since its formation in 2015.

Moon Matrix of the Lizard Peoplefacebook-icon

We’re Moon Matrix of the Lizard People, a Psychedelic Cowpunk Wookiecore band from New Hartford CT, and we’re going to serve up some hot jams.


DECOSTER are Paul DeCoster on acoustic guitar and Rich Kulsar on percussion. We play music that combines 80s style pop akin to Sting and Rush with percussion that combines instruments from around the world (clave, jimbe, cymbals) with a drum kit known as a “hybrid kit”. This gives some beats that put the groove in some catchy pop tunes and get people moving. The songs involve the subjects of spirituality and the return of the soul from a desperate place as well as reaching beyond.


Formed in 2015 in the city limits of Providence, RI, Mease puts its own spin on the jam, with a fusion of roots music and pure psychedelia taking you on a cosmic American journey. Having shared the stage with the likes of Redman, Members of Twiddle, Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars, Elise Testone, The New Motif and many others, Mease is quickly spreading to every corner of New England, cutting new grooves every step of the way.


Dewpoint is a four-piece jam band from Boston, Massachusetts. Establishing their current lineup in early 2015, they have quickly secured fans across the northeast, playing many staple venues in the area (ie. Brighton Music Hall, The Middle East Downstairs, The Spot Underground, The Stone Church). Their musical style spans many genres, weaving laid-back funk, progressive rock, and psychedelic grooves seamlessly under irresistibly catchy lead lines. On any night, Dewpoint pushes songs to new limits by exploring new feels, taking improvisational risks, and concocting set lists that allow musical themes and soaring melodies to be revisited and re-imagined throughout the course of a show. With an ever-expanding catalog of original music and noteworthy covers, every show is a unique musical experience.

International Orangefacebook-icon

International Orange (IO), the brainchild of New York musicians Todd Isler (drums) and David Phelps (guitar). Rounded out by Leo Traversa (bass) and Adam Morrison (keys), IO’s innovative funky originals marry the slide guitar of the American South to the lilting sensibilities of India, Africa and Brazil.

Their genre- crossing resume stretches from Phish’s Mike Gordon to Steve Kimock, Ivan Neville and John Medeski to World music innovators Angelique Kidjo, Tania Maria, Abdoulaye Diabate, and Francis Mbappe, to Jazz masters Joe Lovano, Melvin Sparks, Jack McDuff, and on and on.

New York Music Daily just had this to say about their recent release, “a man and his dog”:

“International Orange are one of the most distinctive, unpredictable instrumental jambands out there. In a single, expansive tune, they can shift between Afrobeat, oldschool soul, psychedelic funk, gutbucket organ grooves and Bahian-flavored beats.”

And in regards to their song The Penguin:

“The Penguin comes across as Peter Gabriel-era Genesis motoring through an oldschool soul groove with unexpected, tongue-in-cheek success: imagine a more original, focused Dopapod.”

Fordham Roadfacebook-icon

Fordham Road is not your average rock band. The band seamlessly blends genres, from inde to reggae while still being rooted in progressive rock. Influenced by bands such as Rush, Yes, and Kansas, they absorb inspiration from many different genres to create their own unique sound.
The band was formed by Tom Shubsda and Kristian Veech on January 20th, 2016. The original lineup of the band was a revolving door; almost every single show featured different musicians, the only constant being Tom and Kristian. Later that year they started to solidify the band, officially bringing on Mark McCarthy to play guitar and trombone as well as Joe Everett on Bass.

Fordham Road made their debut with their EP “The Gates of Heaven” in February 2017, following it up later that year with “Fordham Road,” their first full length album. The band frequently tours and performs around the New England and the Northeast.

“We aim to continue to break down genre barriers and bring new sounds to Progressive Rock. We also strive to create a hopeful and loving community at our live shows. We believe that music should be used to heal and hope that our message resonates with our audience and beyond.”

The Dirty Vice Bandfacebook-icon

The Dirty Vice Band is a high-energy collective of musicians from the salty south shore of Long Island. Each member of the band brings a wide variety of influences, producing a unique original sound ranging from rock to funk to soul and mixing in pop hooks and improvisational jamming.

The Penniless Wildfacebook-icon

The Penniless Wild is an indie/folk/rock outfit based out of Hartford, CT. Originally comprised as a folk duo, they have since transformed into a five-piece electric unit, while holding true to their folk style of writing. The band released their first studio project in late 2017 entitled “Cardboard Sheets” and have been performing regionally in support of the EP playing with bands like Good Old War, Bronze Radio Return and The Ghost Of Paul Revere to name a few. Replacing acoustic guitars with electric guitars and the stomping of feet with driving bass and hard hitting drums, the band brings an intense, heart felt rock and roll aspect to their music.

Sonic Sourcefacebook-icon

Sonic Source is a fun-loving, energetic band from southwest Connecticut, with powerful vocal harmonies, danceable jams, and great audience engagement because we love our fans! We’ve been coming to Strangecreek and Wormtown for the last 15 years, and we had a BLAST competing in the Strangecreek Battle last year. Our music ranges across folk rock, hard-hitting hiphop, bluegrass, comedy, funk, soul and everything in between!

Princess Randallinafacebook-icon

Princess Randallina is an indie trash punk rock band of three with grungy roots and a fierce love of the 90s. We hail from Central Connecticut, where we placate our boredom by writing originals and widdling on our favorite covers.


Scam was formed in May 2018 by a group of veteran CT musicians. The band spent the summer writing 10 original songs and played their first show in Oct to a packed house. Subsequent shows have been to pack houses as well in both NY and CT. Scam’s music is guitar driven, big chorus songs that instantly grabs the crowd. Scam is led by guitarist Bill Gleason. Bill was the guitarist in the band ESP who were the opening act on the Megadeath/Scorpions tour. After ESP broke up Bill became a studio musician in LA playing on numerous 80’s hard rock albums. Marc Gaudiosi and Steve Rodriguez made up the rhythm section of Pyramis, a CT favorite before joining Scam. Lead singer Cody Bondra is the young guy in the group. Cody cut his teeth as a solo artist in Cody Bondra and Contraband. He was looking to get into a full band situation when Scam came calling.


Hilltop is a 5 piece band from Upstate NY that blends rock with funk, jazz, blues, bluegrass and much more. The band combines original music, diverse covers, and improvisation to create a unique listening experience. Hilltop is celebrating one year of performing together as they gear up to release their debut album and continue to play shows around the Northeast.

No Lensfacebook-icon

Founded in January of 2018 by AJ Krawczyk, in his hometown of Greenfield Ma. After being a member in many different local western mass groups, and playing with many different artists, he decided to form a group of his own, with himself as the front man.

His childhood friend, whom hes played music with on and off for many years, Will Seaman, of Bernardston Ma., answered his call to musical arms and joined up on lead guitar, mandolin, and backup vocals, bringing their long experience of making music together to a forefront.
Ryan Micelotta, from Pelham Mass. met AJ and WiL in the music program at Greenfield Community College and played on many of their recital pieces. AJ and Ryan became quite close over the years and before they knew it were playing quite a bit together. He has been involved from the ground up on No Lens.
Ben Becker of Amherst Ma. also met Ryan and AJ in the G.C.C. music program. They never actually performed together but they remained friends, and when AJ was looking for a drummer for his new project, Ben was his first call.

From there the rest is history, and the jams shall continue henceforth!!!

New Amsterdam Noblesfacebook-icon

New Amsterdam Nobles is a Connecticut based rock band that plays all original music. We’ve played all over the state at places such as Toad’s place, Hard Rock Café, Wild Bill’s Earth day fest, and many more. Our music has been driven by several different styles that include rock, jazz, alternative, math-rock, and indie. Along with our previously released EP and single, we are working with Jam2nite Studios preparing new music.

Bangcreek Puppiesfacebook-icon

The Bangcreek Puppies started in 2015 when close friends got together to jam. The group’s chemistry flourished, and they quickly evolved into a powerhouse band. Every song brings thumping basslines, shredding guitar licks, tight drum grooves, juicy horn lines, and soulful vocals together for a delicious concoction of smooth, bluesy original tunes and creative covers. Come see one show and you’ll be a puppy lover for life. Woof!

The Hollow Rootsfacebook-icon

The Hollow Roots met six years ago when all four members moved from their respective homes to Murfreesboro, TN. After playing out in Murfreesboro’s dense house show scene for four years they amassed a small but loyal following. They have now moved to Nashville where they tour regularly and throw their own house shows. It’s been a lengthy, but sound start to what will be a long journey for the four best friends. They pride themselves in being very in tune with new music so they build on to their classic rock roots.

Pulling influence from the hardest rocking bands of the 60s and 70s, The Hollows have amassed an expansive repertoire of original, fuzz-drenched, soulful rock songs. Currently the band plans on playing as many shows in as many different places as possible and connecting with everyone they meet.


We are a five piece Jam/Trance-Fusion band with a broad range of musical flavors all tied in together with driving dance jams. Newly formed in 2018 and consisting of some serious talent and seasoned musicians, Prismal is sure to excite and engage the crowd and keep people having fun.


SisterMonk is an established NY/NJ original band hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Their music: female-powered, djembe-driven, with poetic lyrics and soulful vocals – reviewed by New York Music Daily as “slinky, undulating, wickedly danceable punk-infused funk and Middle Eastern-inspired jams. There’s no band in New York like them.”

Van Dammeselfacebook-icon

Van Dammesel was established in April of 2014, when Justin and Angie were recommended to one another by a mutual friend. They began working on a few songs that Angie had written for a Kickstarter project, and shortly thereafter, started writing together. When their first EP “Heartbeat” was underway, they recruited Justin’s brother, Brendan, to help with the drum tracking/writing. Other members were added based on personal collaboration with Justin from previous projects, Nice Places, Marrellite and Grand Hotel.

The Feldonsfacebook-icon

The Feldons Mod Rock and Soul Review perform a hard-hitting mix of 60’s garage rock and soul music, as well as newer songs inspired by the genre. The band presents a broad swath of obscure music from the rock and roll dustbin, revamped and rearranged for a soul band lineup. We also play songs from our friends, and write one of our own once in a while too.
The Feldons do our damnedest to recreate the bare knuckle rock and soul of an era when mod fashion was NOW, bands bubbled up out of basements, and people played like their lives depended it.
Discover the joy of music you didn’t realize you were missing.
Come dig fresh, old school sound of THE FELDONS.

See music videos at Facebook


We are a psychedelic punk rock group from Haverhill, MA, and have been playing together for close to two years. There are three members: Kevin Maestranzi on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Danny Broderick on Fender Bass 6 and Backing Vocals, and Bobby MacDonald on Drums. All three of us have more then a decade of live performance experience. Quadroped offers it’s listeners simple songs, psychedelic lyrics and sounds, and an emotionally charged performance. Quadroped would be a welcome change for attendees eager to experience music outside of jam rock, funk, and EDM in a festival setting.


Folk jazz groove

Uzi Jacuzzifacebook-icon

We are a Alternative,Spacey ,Psych ,rock n roll four piece from Western Mass here to please your ear drums!


Fictional characters in a non-fictional setting. Fiction blends together Reggae, punk, folk, and rock for a delicious fusion of catchy tunes. Believe in Fiction.

The Lox & Keyes Theoryfacebook-icon

The Lox & Keyes Theory based out of Hartford, Connecticut. Having started in janurary 2018 our band is called LKT, or Lox & Keyes Theory is a 7 piece band who focuses on high energy Funk/Rock and Jazz/Hiphop cross over Genres.

Space Junk Is Foreverfacebook-icon

Vintage keyboard driven prog/jam rock.

Long Shadow Sheepfacebook-icon

Long Shadow Sheep are an independent folk-rock band, hailing from Massachusetts. Following the release of a debut record, titled ‘Violins’, singer/songwriter Brady O’Keefe moved back to his hometown of Franklin, MA, where he would soon form Long Shadow Sheep. The additions of drummer, Matt Zajac as well as Doug Buckley on bass brought the musical project in a new direction, both sonically and stylistically. Several months later, Nick Sabet was herded to the flock as a lead guitar player to solidify the band’s lineup as it stands today. For some gigs, Brady’s girlfriend Marli makes a surprise appearance on stage playing mandolin, kalimba and the penny whistle (she lives in NY, so she joins the flock for its most meaningful sets). Blending poetic, grass-roots folk with experimental indie-rock, Long Shadow Sheep’s music is described as soulful, elaborate and always authentic.

Slack Tidefacebook-icon

Dive headfirst into the new wave of jam band, Slack Tide, a band that delivers a signature sound settled somewhere between the city and the beach…

Over the last three years the Tide has entertained over 150 audiences in 10 states. In 2017 the band was awarded First Place at the New England Indie Music Competition, First Place at the Canobie Lake Park Battle of the Bands, and Top Instrumental Performance at the Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands. The band also helped to create the first annual Holifest, a free music and color festival for Hampton Beach NH residents featuring local bands, food, and as much colorful chalk as you can throw. It’s a hell of a party. Bring water…


Deep C Divers are a Boston-based original rock band whose melodic hooks finds a genuine appeal to the heart. Their music is a striking blend of alternative and classic rock with elements of funk and reggae sounds tempered with a pop sensibility.

DeepCdivers is currently spinning on 70+ stations nationwide and their music has been licensed by the Discovery Channel, A & E, E!, Nascar, MTV, Netflix and more.

Find Deep C Divers on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Cars Go Westfacebook-icon

Hailing from the humble town of West Springfield, Massachusetts on the banks of the mighty Connecticut, Cars Go West is an indie jam band with a wide range of influences from the psychedelic to the classic. With a solid rhythm in the hands of drummer, Jimmy Oliver, Cars Go West features Donovan Descant and Craig Buddenhagen on guitars, with Dan Callahan providing bass and vocals. They are known for their reliably lively performances featuring original indie rock songs, jams that run the gamut from atmospheric to heavily distorted, and always a cover or two. The band formed in 2013 after the dudes sought a musical outlet, and found one after getting a boy to slap the skins and selecting a place to make the noise. Since that auspicious time they have steadily been honing their material and performing for audiences in towns all along the river.

The City Limitfacebook-icon

The City Limit is a New Jersey based blues/pop trio consisting of singer/guitarist Scott Lewis, drummer Sean Farrelly, keyboardist Mike Cassan, and bassist Anthony Ambrosio. The City Limit cultivates a unique sound that incorporates musical flavors from a broad spectrum of influences including blues, pop, rock, R&B, funk, and folk music.

Whalom Parkfacebook-icon

Whalom Park are an aspiring music group from central Massachusetts, fronted by musician Doyen (facebook.com/Doyenishere) and including the members of his former rock project. Whalom Park works on writing, rehearsing, and booking shows for 2019, while working on art, recording, and live performances for late 2018.

For videos, please go to Facebook

Sons Lunarisfacebook-icon

Sons Lunaris (SUNS loo-NAHR-ihs) is an award-winning rock band formed in Lowell, Massachusetts in 2016. The group’s core consists of founding members Justin Martin (lead guitar) and Alex Simpson (lead vocals, harmonica). Their style, rooted in blues-based hard rock, incorporates elements of psychedelic, metal, funk, alternative-rock, and folk musics.

Off Axisfacebook-icon

Off Axis has a unique indie rock sound that no one has been able to quite put their finger on. We blend trombone and bass leads with in-your-face beats and dreamy guitars – a distinctly different experience that will make you question the very nature of your reality…and rock out!

Tortoise Forestfacebook-icon

Tortoise Forest is an instrumental odyssey based out of Buffalo, NY. Seamlessly blending jam band funky grooves with prog rock sensibilities and a splash of electronics, the band creates instrumental compositions that are not at a loss for words. These reptiles’ musical emanations defy easy classification, but are equally at home at a festival in the woods, an underwater rave, or a gathering of fellow prog-rock wizards.

Mr. Thinwheelfacebook-icon

We are a contemporary fusion band from Massachusetts. With elements of rock, jazz, soul, funk, metal, neoclassicism, and electronica – Mr. Thinwheel is a genre bending instrumental group whose purpose is to make original music with an unrestricted approach.

Lush Honeyfacebook-icon

Lush Honey is a 4-piece progressive funk powerhouse hailing from Western Massachusetts. Formed in 2016, the captivating ensemble set out on a clear mission to elevate the mind and set the body in motion.

Drawing from different backgrounds and an array of influences, Lush Honey combines massive riffs, deep grooves, and soaring soulful hooks into their own brand of gooey sonic gold. Live performances, each their own unique experience, feature relentless momentum and cunning improvisations woven through tight original arrangements.

December 2018 saw the release of APOLLO, Lush Honey’s debut full-length release. Available on streaming platforms far and wide, the collection of songs provides a foundation of funk-infused soul on which the band can build their frenetic and ever-evolving live shows.

Come see what the fuss is about all through the northeast (and beyond).

Lemon Streetefacebook-icon

Hey we’re Lemon Street, we’ve been playing covers and more recently originals together for around 6 years.
Lemon street is a 5 person band occasionally joined by some horn players and we play a mix of jazz, blues, alternative, rock, and funk