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Who is Dr. No? The answer lies deep within the funk. Started by former Gang of Thieves guitar player Sean Kehoe, the band has been blazing a trail through the Northeast. Already playing on StrangeCreek’s Riverworm Stage in 2017, plus opening for bands like Spiritual Rez, the Heavy Pets, Backup Planet, Gang of Thieves, and Waiting on Mongo, Dr. No is ready to come back to StrangeCreek in 2018 with a funky fiery vengeance!

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Monty’s Lobsterfacebook-icon

Monty’s Lobster is a Massachusetts based rock n roll three piece, who is fresh off the release of their first album. They have performed all over the New England area bringing their conventional classic rock sound, astonishing and captivating audiences where ever they perform. With front man Baxter Hall on lead vocals and guitar, Lukas Bratsos on drums, and Mike Jones on the bass, these three are often compared to the super groups of yesteryear. Crafting their own sound in the progressive/blues rock category, these three have high aspirations on bringing back the rock revolution, and they let their music do all the talking.

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Tidwell’s Treasurefacebook-icon

W. Mass art-comedy musician artisans, frying eggs on the dance floor with potent and “eclectic?” meta-groover thrash music. Turns souls into strippers, bare.

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Violin Riverfacebook-icon

Violin River explores the music of The Grateful Dead. Rooted deeply in the Rhode Island music scene, Providence based musicians, Richard Herzog on lead guitar, Gary St. Germain on drums and Paul Sauvageau on keys & vocals are 2017 RI Music Hall of Fame Inductees, along with Carleen Roberts Sauvageau on vocals & Pete Silvia on bass guitar & vocals, these 5 are Violin River. VR delivers it’s interpretations of The Dead as only they can. Heartfelt by the musicians and it’s Tribe of music lovers, performance energies are shared and celebrated! It’s a symbiotic Grateful experience, my friend. Join The Tribe & Raise the good vibes! Dead is Grate, Violin River.

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Not Herefacebook-icon

Not Here features saxophone, congas, percussion, guitars, bass and drums. The diverse backgrounds of the musicians come together in a unique alchemy.

Four-songwriters, bring a variety of styles to each performance. Exciting percussion and counter rhythms help drive the contagious repertoire. Our high energy Jams & 3 part harmonies make NoT Here a show to remeber!

Not Here mixes it up with jam, punk, blues, garage and psychedelia. One never knows what to expect from this creative band. Members project energy and audiences are quickly having a great time along with the musicians.

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Torus is a Grunge Funk Disco Rock Psychedelic Jam Trio from Cape Cod MA. Their style packs a progressive rock punch that is explored through their textured instrumentals and danceable grooves. Their songs cross genre lines while maintaining a constant groovy-ness that culminates with contagious dance sections and powerful peaks . Torus takes their audience inside a world using music as their vehicle, the lyrics outline the story while the sound and texture of their songs color the canvas.

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The Diamondstonesfacebook-icon

The Diamondstones are a five piece rock and roll group based out of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. While their original songs are steeped in the flavor of classic rock and roll, their influences draw on an ever increasing range of genres that become manifested in their music, such as but not limited to jazz, folk, funk, blues, and psychedelia. The band’s ongoing mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms, can be heard in the imaginative improvisational excursions interlaced throughout their shows.

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Hilltop is a 5 piece rock band from Upstate NY that incorporates improvisation with many different musical styles. We are all currently undergrad music students at different schools in New York. In addition to playing shows, we take great pride in doing all aspects of production in the recording studios at our schools. Our setlists usually consist of a blend of our original songs and a diverse selection of covers. We really love to make people dance and we try to find new ways to present our songs at every show.

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Super Stash Bros.facebook-icon

Tight, adventurous, high-energy and memorable are all adjectives that could be used to describe your mom, but today they are being used to describe the music of the Super Stash Bros. The Stash Bros are a Vermont-based band that came together for the love of tight, hip hop inspired grooves with hints of funk, reggae, r&b and rock. Though they are not necessarily a jam band they do improvise and jam pretty hard in their sets. Come check ’em out sometime. You will not be disappointed (and bring your mom, she loves to dance)

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Kelly Shepherd & NoMad Storiesfacebook-icon

In the spirit of artists like John Coltrane, Rassahn Roland Kirk, Sidney Bechet, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, and Joni Mitchell, Nomad Stories is the true essence of the American and human experience. NoMad Stories provides an electrical, on the edge of your seat, emotionally moving experience for their audience. You are bound to travel the earth hearing the rhythms and sounds of jazz, calypso, gospel, funk, American pop and folkmusic, South America, the avant garde and Asian music. “Our music has the blues in it and it’s the natural culmination of all our experiences…you truly hear the stories of the earth and universal human condition in our music…the blues is the same feeling all over the world. I think you can hear the blues in Mozart, Trane or Dylan…to us, it’s the natural music of now…we aren’t a retro group…The music sounds very natural and cohesive. It moves from vulnerable and delicate to passionate and powerful. Our emphasis and goal lies in rhythms and the manipulation of tone and resonance.” Longing for a world with no genres, we travel the musical spheres with no boundary, touching and reflecting the ancient, aboriginal stories of the earth, and simultaneously reaching the outermost expanse of the modern spheres, acoustic and electric.These are the NoMad Stories.

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Adventure Dogfacebook-icon

Rock ‘n’ Roll with a ~Funky~ soul. Five dawgs bringing you soothing melodies, tight vocals, and powerful hornlines. We’ve been shaking up the streets of Burlington for almost six months now.. Come boogie with us!

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Cannibal Ramblersfacebook-icon

The Cannibal Ramblers are the result of two musical outsiders, Kyle Anderson and Mark Milloff fortuitously coming together and creating music.

The chaos of their combined and disparate interests resulted in what has been described as death delta, punk and country blues. However the music may be referred, the Cannibal Ramblers inhabit a world that resonates Captain Beefheart, Bukka White, George Thorogood, and Asie Payton. Anderson and Milloff are approaching their seven year anniversary as a band. They have played as far south as Mississippi and Texas and as far west as Denver. They’ve toured the plain states, throughout New England and France. If you get the chance, see and hear them live.

More music available at Bandcamp and Youtube.


Formed in 2016 by Guitarist/songwriter/mad-scientist Seth Cronin (also of Jiggawaltz), Bassist/jazz hound/mariner Ian Hunt, and Drummer/mathematician/polar adventurer Matthew Barry. What began as a basement dwelling, woodshed-style passion project has sprung into a full-fledged live and studio band.

Flip and let it sizzle. Burlington, VT based power-trio born out of a need to explore new soundscapes that exist between Garage-rock, funk, and acid jazz. With a passion for wide dynamics, tight songwriting, and spontaneous improvisation, Sputoola is a multifaceted experiment in the spiritual science of music making.

The Mangrovesfacebook-icon

Melting pot of Jazz/rock/funk/groove.

Night Protocolfacebook-icon

Night Protocol was created to unite the sounds of the past, present, and future with a cutting-edge style of electronic music. Fueled by synthesizers, reverb, and a devotion to the sounds of the 1980’s, Night Protocol performs live retro synthwave as a 3-piece band. Night Protocol’s sound takes influence from iconic timeless bands like Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, and The Smiths, yet their latest material shares the intensity and mystery of modern synthwave artists like Kavinsky, Perturbator and Carpenter Brut. Night Protocol shows are driven by live analog synthesizers, MIDI-triggered drum machine pads, intricate basslines, ripping guitar solos, and vocal harmonies. Their live shows take a theatrical approach to music performance with coordinated visual effects, custom lighting rigs, and contagious sense of passion and energy for the foundations of electronic music.

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The Giant Peachfacebook-icon

The Giant Peach is an indie art rock band from Middlebury VT. Their music captures a bitter-sweetness wrestled into songs late at night. United from disparate backgrounds in folk, blues, and jazz, the members of The Giant Peach came together to render these tales of stubborn love, mistakes, and repeated carelessness with a cutting honesty and an unexpected joy. Their debut record, Pulling Teeth, is due out this 2018.

More music available at Soundcloud and Youtube.

Doctor Rickfacebook-icon

Forged in the dimly-lit, beer-soaked bowels of Burlington, VT’s basement scene, Doctor Rick was put here to help you get your musical fix. Brennan Kensey (Bass, Vocals) and Zach Santarsiero (Drums, Vocals) consistently hold down an infectiously groovy rhythm section while constantly pushing the energy higher. Patrick Callahan (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals) keeps listeners on track with catchy & relatable lyrics that will be stuck in your head days after a show, all while trading licks with the Big Bad Booty Daddy himself, (E)Rick Soszynski (Lead Guitar), who shreds through solos and melodies with effortless levity.

Starting out as UVM students in 2015, Doctor Rick has been honing their craft up in Vermont for 2 years now, playing frequently at places like Nectar’s and Higher Ground. The quartet works hard to combine everyone’s favorite aspects of rock, funk, hip-hop, and bluegrass into a cocktail delivered with surgical precision,
straight to the brain. Now operating on a stage near you. Need your face melted? Come on down. Wanna dance yourself outta your shoes? Stop by. These guys are just what the Doctor ordered. No appointment necessary.

More music available at Bandcamp and Youtube.

American Feverfacebook-icon

American Fever is the new breed of indie rock. Straight out of the heart of Brooklyn, they have attracted a growing (and enthusiastic!) audience at their numerous gigs at such popular clubs as The Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Rockwood Music Hall and Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side, the Bitter End in Greenwich Village, and other live-music venues in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. They just completed a packed, local tour promoting their newest EP. They recorded a set for the popular online music show “Balcony TV” on the rooftop of Sony’s headquarters last fall.

If you haven’t heard American Fever yet—and you should–imagine the complex layering of Sufjan Stevens’ instrumentation and vocal counterpoint, the raw, bluesy emotion of the Rolling Stones, the melodic lines and modal compositions of Miles Davis, and the chromatic lushness of Claude Debussy. PLUS—you can dance to it! If you still can’t imagine it, check out American Fever’s just-released sophomore EP “Take Me Home,” which you can find on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. It was recorded upstate at Old Soul, mixed by Lady Gaga collaborator Matthew Cullen, and mastered by Greg Colbi, who’s worked with the Strokes.

More music available at Bandcamp and Youtube.

Snow Dayfacebook-icon

Hello! We are Snow Day, a fun pop rock band who loves to jam out and attend killer parties with friends. The band consist of four of us: Alex Coe on guitar and vocals, Eric Mead on bass and vocals, Christian Scavo on drums (and vocals when he feels like it), and myself Dylan singer and guitar. We have been life long friends and would love to come and jam out for all of you

More music available at Youtube and Spotify.

Low Pagodafacebook-icon

Low Pagoda is a sixties rock infused jam-band that has changed quite a bit over the years. Brothers Alex Kratzert and Sean Kratzert started jamming long ago together, on guitar and drums respectively, in their home in quiet Southeastern CT. Eventually, after having multiple bassists and keyboardists filter in and out of the band, they’ve settled in on a solid line up consisting of Rob Dei Dolori on bass and Paul Busch on keys. It wasn’t long until the new line-up learned the tunes that the Kratzerts had been composing over the years, and their personalities all fit well together. As a newfound, energetic, pumping supergroup, the band started broadening their repertoire by covering Hendrix and the Stones, mimicking Garcia licks and exploring new realms of their musical expertise. With the new addition of auxiliary percussionist David Fidrych the sound has even deepened and the band is thriving towards a new era of rock and roll.

More music available at Youtube..


Zillawatt drives a powerful blend of original fusion, rock , and funk music with extra flavors ranging all the way from jazz to folk. As a whole, this trio brings a strong set of musical chops, experience, and creativity to the stage – all adding up to a spicy sauce of musical chemistry guaranteed to leave you STOKED BEYOND RECOGNITION… Catch one of their sets in CT, or lookout for a show TBA in a city near you!

More music available at Facebook and Soundcloud.

Surprise Partyfacebook-icon

Hailing from various parts of Northern Massachusetts, but making their home in the Mill City, Lowell band Surprise Party is here to barrage your senses with fuzz rock splendor. Imagine a combination of the noise heavy sound of 90s bands like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr, with the power-pop bent of acts like The Replacements or Cheap Trick, and just a touch of surf rock guitar sounds thrown in, and you’d have Surprise Party. Pounding drumbeats, feedback-laden guitars, and sing-along melodies, guaranteed to satisfy even the most persnickety Pitchfork hipster. If you’re craving some fuzzed out bliss that you can dance to, look no further.

With your permission we’d like to please melt your faces.

More music available at Bandcamp.


Hambone is high energy funk and soul with a series of twists.. If you think Jazz meets Stevie Ray Vaughan and James Brown and Flying lotus. Here is the band Kale Churchill on Keys and Synth, Collin Tompkins on Bass, Ryan Benoit on Drums, Sam Whitman on Vocals and Guitar, Nicholas Thompson- Brown on sax. They have shared the stage with members of Sister Sparrow and the dirty birds, The Motet, Phish, Warren Haynes, Jimmie Vaughan and more.

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Kudu Stoogefacebook-icon

This enigmatic 5-piece formed at the University of Vermont after years of jamming and playing with one another in separate settings. Following the tradition of the Vermont way of life, Kudu Stooge keeps all aspects of the band local to Burlington. Working with a community of artists, all imagery, production, and management is created in the old colonial houses scattered throughout the New England landscape. The strengths of the band are found in their energetic live performances highlighted by face melting guitar chops, soul wrenching sax solos, and hip moving funk grooves which translate into recordings beautifully.

More music available at Bandcamp.


We are a 4 piece band from Providence, RI. Our music is typically defined as alternative rock with jazz influence. We have played all around Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and also starting to expand towards New Hampshire and Maine.

More music available at Soundcloud and Youtube.


Supernothing is a Reggae/Rock 3 piece out of the 603 New Hampshire drawing influences from bands like The Movement, Roots of creation, Sublime and The Dirtyheads. Bringing hip hop elements in with melodic reggae vibes. We occasionally bring other elements of funk, ska, and punk to the table. Be sure to have your dancing shoes on for upbeat tempos turning into heavy punk bridges.Supernothing has shared the stage with some of reggae rocks best artists such as The Movement, Roots of Creation, Fear Nuttin Band, Treehouse!, Higher Education and Destroy Babylon. As well as playing some of New Hampshires biggest festivals in CampNJam and NH Hempfest and Freedom Rally. We play whatever sounds good.
Drums- Colin Bartram
Guitar/Vocals – Dillan Welch
Bass- Ian Matthews

You can find our self title album “Supernothing” on Itunes and Spotify

More music available at Reverbnation and Youtube.

Band of Druthersfacebook-icon

Band of Druthers is a 4-piece instrumental funk band based in Connecticut. They play songs by artists such as the Meters, the New Mastersounds, City Champs, Grant Green, Jimmy Smith, Galactic and others, as well as originals.

George Ramirez – guitar
Doug Marino – keyboards
Bill Conroy – bass
Bob Cewe – drums

More music available at Soundcloud.

Professor Cavemanfacebook-icon

Professor Caveman is band based out of New Brunswick, NJ. What original started out as a 3 piece band, has turn into a 5 piece, and occassionally, a family-size bucket of deep fried musicians. They have toured the East coast for the past 4 years, playing college towns, art spaces, and primarily DIY shows. They carry the essence of a sweaty New Jersey basement show, no matter what the stage. They have cemented themselves in the NJ/NY/ Philly scene with their high energy latin punk, psychedelic love jams, and acid jazz breakdowns. They have shared bills with notable acts such as Jeffrey Lewis, Vundabar, Terror Pigeon, and Ducktails. Their most recent release entitled “Professor Caveman Vol.3” is out on Sniffling Indie Kids records and they plan to release much more music in 2018.

More music available at Bandcamp.


Yookeroo is a young and upcoming progressive rock quartet based in Massachusetts. The band has played across the northeast and recently released their first full-length album “Into the Æther.” Additionally they signed with Green Line Records (Boston) in December 2017. The band is sure to bring a high energy dance party wherever they perform.

More music available at Spotify and Youtube.

Rooftop Gardenfacebook-icon

Rooftop Garden started out as a sonic experiment in a basement and now has grown into a full quartet. Coming from a folk-inspired background, these moody rock movements contentiously and rashly fuse together a collection of various genres to form a unique sonic texture.

More music available at Soundcloud.

Up Chuck Kreekfacebook-icon

Up Chuck Kreek is a four piece Southern, NH based Progressive Psychedelic Rock band started summer of 2015. Whether it’s just practicing together, at home individually, or on stage in front of an audience, UCK’s focus is playing live music as often as possible. With a wide variety of covers and well over a dozen originals, their sole purpose on stage is to make people want to get up and dance. Since the formation of the band three years ago, Up Chuck Kreek has been paving
their way in the local music scene, only gaining more momentum with time. UCK has big plans for 2018, so be on the lookout for a studio album, plenty more tour dates, and performances at local New England music festivals. Hope to see you in the crowd!!

More music available at Youtube and Soundcloud.

Sonic Sourcefacebook-icon

Sonic Source is a dynamic collaborative effort from Rob Giovinozzo (“R. P. Gio”) and Crates McDade (“SmaBoi”), the principal force behind the independent “llnnll records” label.

In addition to writing, producing and performing for several albums, providing stage, lights and sound, and booking dozens of artists from the label’s roster, the team is also presently working on a full-length animated feature film rock opera, “Phantasmagoria”, reimagining Dante’s Divine Comedy.

More music available on Soundcloud.


Fiddlehead is the by-product of chance mating between James Brown, The Grateful dead, and Frank Zappa. Zany, Off the wall, Absurdist Lyrics with a full appreciation of Dada, Driven home with Tight Funk grooves, and tasty electric improvisations. Chaos always defined within structured limits, but allowed to breathe the free air none the less. Existing in their own Parallel Bubble World, in some ways superior to the mundane one,Fiddlehead’s Core Four members live, breathe, and cohese with what is not just a band, but a Way of Life.

More music available at

Northeast Trafficfacebook-icon

Northeast Traffic is not your average funk/rock band. Hailing from Providence, in 2010, five ambitious musicians embarked on a journey, a mission to the deepest depths of the pocket. Now, Northeast Traffic brings the ruckus whenever and wherever they are called upon to do so. So, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned for whatever adventures may unfold for Alex Claros (lead vocals/guitar), Nick Parisi (keys), Sam Clemens (guitar), Burke White (bass), and Joseph Krapf (drums and cymbals).

More music available at Youtube and Bandcamp.

Fiesta Melonfacebook-icon

Formed in Boston, MA in 2014, Fiesta Melon quickly began gaining a local buzz attributed to their fun, high-energy live performances with improvisational tendencies that often include unexpected twists and turns. Their 2014 debut EP Frenetics established Fiesta Melon as pioneers of an exciting new sound, fusing rock guitar with dance beats, synthesizers and samplers to create catchy, honest songs—suggesting a range of influences from Talking Heads to My Morning Jacket—via memorable hooks, lush harmonies and textured soundscapes. They’ve shared the stage with national acts like Rustic Overtones, Freevolt, Formula 5 and Organically Good Trio (feat. members of Slightly Stoopid and Max Creek), and their 2017 sophomore album, “An Excellent Accelerant”, is their most mature and focused effort to date.

More music available at Youtube, Reverbnation, and at

People Like Youfacebook-icon

People Like You is a freewheelin’ freak folk traveling circus band from Portsmouth, NH that creates rifts in the fabric of space and time. Music for the people, by the people, with no specific people in mind. Juxtaposing vaudevillian gypsy folk granola punk mischief and psychedelic alt-rock madness with curious lyrical content and bizarre pop sensibilities, the sound is charismatic, inspired, a bit haunting, kooky, and captivating. It is strange, yet familiar like a new friend you swear you’ve known all of your life. It’s the kind of thing that’ll kick your brain, rattle your bones, drop your jaw, tickle your fancy, turn your head and make you say, “Huh… I can get down with that.” The shows are amusing to say the least and an open invitation for everyday people, the straights, the freakers, and the funkies to get in on it, get strange, have a ball, and be a part of it all. It’s in the name – People Like You.

More music available at Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube.

Eagle in the Atticfacebook-icon

Eagle in the Attic is a rock/funk/jam band from the Boston area and has built a following over the past couple years. We released our debut album back in June 2016 and have already had some radio play on local and regional radio stations. The album is called “Let it Flow” 15 tracks of original material

More music available on Bandcamp and Youtube.

Squires of Soulfacebook-icon

The Squires of Soul are a funky fresh sextet from the mill city of Lowell, MA. What started out as the solo project of Vermont singer/songwriter Harry Borsh, has quickly become a collective of like minded musicians. Together they blend Soul, RnB, Pop and feel good vibes into a satisfying musical experience.

More music available at and on Youtube.

Fordham Roadfacebook-icon

Fordham Road was founded by Tom Shubsda and Kristian Veech on January 20th, 2016. Tom and Kristian started the band to create a sound that blended different musical genres into progressive rock music.

In late 2016, Fordham Road added Mark McCarthy and Joe Everett to their lineup. They have been performing in the Boston area regularly since then. They have also been touring the Northeast every few months since the beginning of 2017, performing at venues in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut.

Fordham Road released their first EP, “The Gates of Heaven” on February 7th, 2017. On November 20th, 2017, they released their self-titled debut album.


“We aim to continue to break down genre barriers and bring new sounds to Progressive Rock. We also strive to create a hopeful and loving community at our live shows. We believe that music should be used to heal and hope that our message resonates with our audience and beyond.”

-Fordham Road

More music available on Soundcloud and Youtube.

Cabin Feverfacebook-icon

Formed in 2015, Cabin Fever has quickly become one of Connecticut’s up-and-coming bands. With four hometown friends that have an appreciation for sophisticated and funky dance music, Cabin Fever incorporates various styles from many different types of top notch funk and jam bands. Their mission is to provide quality, groovy music to those that like to let loose, dance, and have a good time!

Along with having played headlining slots in numerous CT venues, Cabin Fever has also been support for a variety of well-known jam bands such as Deep Banana Blackout, The Magic Beans, and The Werks.

More music available on Soundcloud and Youtube.

Credible Evidencefacebook-icon

Groovin’ bass lines, rippin’ guitar solos and catchy hooks are the m.o. of New Hartford, CT’s Credible Evidence. Combining the elegant song writing of The Beatles together with the raw energy of bands like Cream and The Black Keys, they forge their potent originals to both cut deep and linger long. Their song book ranges greatly in taste from the Dico-Rock anthem “All in My Head” to the epic piano based “Are You Ready?” winner of the 2014 American Songwriting Award for best Rock song. How ever far they may travel along the genre spectrum their sound always maintains that distinct character that is unique to them. With there new EP Moonlit Night’s release on the horizon they urge their audience to listen responsibly and remember, all it takes is one song and you can be hooked for life. In other words, there’s a reason they call it “Rock”.

Credible Evidence’s origins can be traced back to a pre-school classroom in the mid 90’s, where founding members Connor McManamy and Devin Gilbert first met. What started with using blocks and crayons to create new worlds and imagination fueled stories would grew and evolved. With the introduction of musical instruments in their early teens they began a journey that would consume their every intention and lead to an obsession with creating masterful works of song. In late 2012 they would begin work on their first studio project Are You Ready? at Northfire Recording Studios in Amherst, MA. Joined by a fellow childhood friend on drums the three would record the seven song EP. Following its release in 2013 the group would be plagued with line-up issues. After years of toil they regained momentum in 2017 with the addition of stand-out drummer Stephen K. (Kryzno) backing the old friends Devin on guitar and Connor on bass guitar. After recording their new EP Moonlit Night along with playing prestigious venues such as Infinity Hall and Toad’s Place Credible Evidence enters 2018 guns blazing and eager to make up for lost time.

More music available on Soundcloud and Youtube.

The Wompsfacebook-icon

It’s really exciting to hear a band like The Womps bring a refreshing sound to the masses.” -From The Depths Entertainment

The Womps are a rapidly blossoming Boston alt rock jam band with a deep melting pot of influences. Guitarist Jason Lilly, Violinist Kailey Zercher, and Bassist JP Goldman met on Halloween night 2014 and formed a strong bond over all things weird and whimsical. Their combined influences include prog rock bands like Rush and Yes, Jam bands like Phish and Umphrey’s McGee, and folk artists like Fleet Foxes and Jackson Browne. In early 2016, they met Drummer OG Altmayer and started exploring free improvisation concepts, which are still exhibited at their concerts today. They’ve played extensively throughout the Northeast and Boston as well as down south in Virginia and Florida and they sold out two nights at Genghis Cohen in West Hollywood, CA.

The Womps finished recording their first full-length album and are currently having it mixed and mastered. In the meantime, two singles, “Barefoot Sensei” and “Jolene,”(Dolly Parton) have been released.

More music available on Youtube and Bandcamp.

Wheres Maryfacebook-icon

We are a psychedelic/ rock band from Rhode Island officially making our way into the light.

More music available on Soundcloud.

Kyle & The Pity Partyfacebook-icon

We’ve been described as “rock that has matured out of some punk brashness–while these minor key songs can get noisy, they have an atmospheric gravitas imported by the melodic commitment, the dense arrangements, and the Doors-esque vocals.” by Independent Clauses. “The band has been crafting a sound that combines the delicate atmosphere of My Bloody Valentine with driving rhythms of The War On Drugs.

Kyle & The Pity Party (live at BSP) from Ariel Acevedo on Vimeo.

More music available on Soundcloud Bandcamp and Vimeo.

Slack Tidefacebook-icon

Introducing Boston’s new wave of jam band, Slack Tide. Combining a range of genres including rock, reggae, funk, psychedelic, and ska, the band delivers their signature Slack Tide sound that’s settled between the city and the beach.

Over the last two years the Tide has entertained over 100 audiances in nine states. In 2017 the band was awarded First Place at the New England Indie Music Competition, First Place at the Canobie Lake Park Battle of the Bands, and Top Instrumental Performance at the Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands. The band also helped to create the first annual Holifest, a free music and color festival for Hampton Beach residents featuring local bands, food, and as much colorful chalk as you can throw.

Slack Tide began in late 2015 in the dingy basements of Berklee College of Music in Boston as a simple rock band, jamming for the love of music. Heavily inspired by the Grateful Dead, the Tide was also an experiment in improvisation. Over time the band’s energy spread and the band began to perform live, making friends and fans along the way. In late 2016 the band doubled in size and sound. In the summer of 2017 Slack Tide toured from Maine to Virginia and back, won a couple of Battles of the Bands, and finally pushed their way into the summer festival scene.

With 2018 well underway, the band is working hard on releasing over three hours of jamtastic live music as well as a couple of horn fueled new singles. So come catch a Slack Tide show, hang with the band, get your essential free CD, and have a helluva good time. We’ll see you at the Tide…

More music available on Reverbnation and at

Long Arm Rexfacebook-icon

Long Arm Rex is a female-fronted reggae-jam band based out of Boston, MA that focuses heavily on the groove, incorporating elements of dub, psychedelic rock, pop and ska. Since hatching from its shell in 2014, this 5-piece powerhouse has continuously made it their mission to bring you a unique, rexified spin on modern reggae.

More music available on Soundcloud and Youtube.

Fresh Perspectivefacebook-icon

We are a 4 piece reggae/rock band from South Shore Massachusetts . We like to play music that everyone can enjoy and you might even find yourself dancing and singing along during our live sets.

More music available on Bandcamp and at Facebook.

No Mindfacebook-icon

No Mind is a five piece band with a jam/funk/rock/soul/reggae feel. Including a set up of acoustic guitar, sax, keys, trumpet, electric guitar, bass and drums they compose songs with an ornate feel that are aimed at appeasing the musicians and the dancers! The focus of the group is on original music however they love to cover bands like Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, and DMB to name a few. Recent winners of the Locals Live competition at The Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun and return players to the main stage at Sailfest you can find No Mind at all your favorite CT venues and abroad. We love to play new places and meet new people so reach out to No Mind at for booking or at our Facebook site

More music available on Youtube and at

Spaces For Two

Spaces For Two is a contemporary rock & roll quartet that takes their cues from a vast pool of heavyweights like The Replacements, Wilco, The Beatles, Foo Fighters and Pink Floyd. Featuring driving guitars, compelling hooks and impressive vocals, this rockin’ outfit plays rock & roll the way it was meant to be played.

Check out their interview with Metronome for an indepth introduction to the band:

Cloud from Goliath Media on Vimeo.

More music available at Bandcamp and at

Good Trees River Bandfacebook-icon

Good Trees River Band is a Scituate, MA based 5 piece psychedelic improv rock band. We have been playing consistent shows throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts and are really trying to delve into the Festival scene this summer. We’ve always loved wormtown and strangecreek and would love to be a part of it!

More music available at Facebook.


Gritty City Reggae / Fusion from NYC, InDaze is an act that blends novelty, culture and a wide spectrum of musical influence into a unique sound and vibe. High energy live performances crafted for every situation make InDaze an experience that is always fresh, different and unexpected.

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Extreme BEER Trio!!!facebook-icon

Formed in early 2018 on top of Mt. Washington during a record-breaking cold spell, Extreme BEER Trio!!! has been transcending time and space ever since. During 2008 in the small mountain town of North Adams, MA, the spirit of BEER was channeled by Jerry Garcia’s former piano instructor, Jeff Moore, and Buddy Rich’s personal spiritual advisor, Brendon Sohre. The music world was about to be changed for good. Single handedly solving the opioid crisis, ending world hunger, and causing the collapse of the Roman Empire are just a few of EBT’s accomplishments over the years. Now focused on irritating pop-diva bartenders and a search for a new type of sound called shmusic, EBT has been causing chaos at various battle of the bands competitions, open mics, and birthday parties across New England. This guitar/drum duo will make your ears bleed and leave you questioning your own existence. “We’re just in it for the chicks” says guitarist Jeff Moore, while drummer Brendon Sohre says “you’ve got the wrong Brendon Sohre”.


dJeck consists of Funkologist Corey Lambert (Voc, Bass), Sonic Sculpter Jake Bellows (Gtr, Voc), and Groove Guru Luke LaFountaine (Drums).

The band originally formed in the summer of 2015 for a one-off gig. Over a year passed by as band members carried on with other projects, until September of 2016, when the band re-formed to record their debut self titled EP. Since then, dJeck has been putting their music to the grindstone of live performance; refining their sound, and filling the dance floors of haunts both local and far.

dJeck draws from a diverse musical palate, crafting riffy dance tunes and thematic soundscapes with a shadow of suspense. The sound is irresistibly funky, with hints of late ‘60s jazz and a hard rock bite. We tried to put dJeck into a box but she didn’t fit… The word for this type of music in elephant- speak is “eRowrrh!” The direct English translation is: doomfunk

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Dean Ambrosia

The greatest show never heard


Mainly inspired by bands such as Phish and The Grateful Dead,Mease puts its own spin on the Jam Band scene, with a fusion of roots music and pure psychadelia taking you on a cosmic American journey. Having shared the stage with the likes of Redman, Members of Twiddle, Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars and Elise Testone, Mease is quickly spreading to each corner of New England. Guitarist/Vocalist Nick Stone’s lyrics can chill the hardest of bones. Drummer, Drew Doyon and guitarist, Louie Ferro are masters of the feel and play off each others energy immensely; add bassist Chris Caduto and vocalist/guitarist Kyle Hoegen and you have a funky concoction of funk and blues and psychedelic ecstasy tapping into your ‘Technicolor Brain Stem’

Auguste and Aldenfacebook-icon

We are Auguste and Alden, a sibling band from Northwest Connecticut.  We consist of two siblings who play bass and guitar complimented by melodic blood harmonies in addition to the third part harmonies contributed by our drummer.

We recently released our new album called Road Warrior, which has been producing a lot of positive momentum among fans and the music industry.  We are a brother and sister who passionately write and perform our own original music and are also able to perform popular cover songs dependent on the specific needs of the venue.  Due to playing music together our entire lives, we have created extremely unique and creative musical arrangements.

As a band we have toured nationally performing on main stages and venues such as the NAMM show, providing us the opportunity to play alongside many major artists. Our passion to make music is evident by our catalog of over 70 original songs we have written, produced, and recorded.

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SixFoxWhiskey is an up and coming rock/funk/jam band out of Boston, MA. With a unique blend of funk and jam rock, they put on an energetic, improvisational show layered with catchy melodies. In 2016/2017 the band released “Sun I’d Seen,” and an EP, “For Those Who Need Little.”. They have played major festivals like Levitate and The Great Outdoor Jam, and shared the stage with touring acts like Ripe, West End Blend, Naughty Professor, Lake Street Dive, etc.

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Breakfast Lunch & Dinnerfacebook-icon

We have been a 3 piece band for about 5 years now playing around New England and gathering a following. Our goal is to play as many shows we possibly can in 2018 and would love to play StrangeCreek Campout. You just have to come to our shows and really see what we can do!

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Tales of Joyfacebook-icon

A band brought together by a love for passionate music, Tales of Joy aims to mix roots reggae with their wide variety of musical influences. Hailing from the Greater Danbury Area, ToJ began as a musical outlet for both Jason Joyal and Connor Taylor. After creating music long distance for over two years, Tales of Joy added the talented trio of Hector Ares, Matt Spencer, and Emmet Forester. With a powerful new lineup, ToJ recorded and released their debut EP, Breathe Easy. A collection of catchy melodies, lively harmonies, and a fusion of their various influences, Breathe Easy allowed Tales of Joy to burst onto the Connecticut music scene.

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Dewpoint is a four-piece jam band from Boston, Massachusetts. Establishing their current lineup in early 2015, they have quickly secured fans across the northeast, playing many staple venues in the area (ie. Brighton Music Hall, The Middle East Downstairs, The Stone
Church). Their musical style spans many genres, weaving laid-back funk, soul-tinged jazz, progressive rock, and psychedelic grooves seamlessly under irresistibly catchy lead lines. On any night, Dewpoint pushes songs to new limits by exploring new feels, taking improvisational risks, and concocting set lists that allow musical themes and soaring melodies to be revisited and re-imagined throughout the course of a show. With an ever-expanding catalog of original music and noteworthy covers, every show is a unique musical experience.

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Dilfopotamus will get to the bottom of this! The original rootsloop hookpop duo (Randallpotamus & Dothree pi pi) formed Dilfopotamus during the summer of 2013. With 3 eps and one self titled LP under their belt, the crime fighting superhero duo has called on super friends, Dan Prado (guitar) & Mike Macbeth(drums) to fill out the band’s lineup, adding the jamband element into their funk rock sound.

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