Esperanto is an original, dynamic, and groovy Alternative Blues/Rock band from Westfield Mass. Formed int he summer of 2014 they quickly recorded a 3 song EP and immediately started getting airplay on Lazer 99.3 Locals Only. Esperanto has been playing shows around New England and rocking audiences with their unique style of vintage/modern rock ‘n’ roll!

Leon Troutfacebook-icon

“A funky new band on the music scene with a big sound. Started in the streets of Keene, NH by members Mitch and Roger in late 2013. Sam took over playing the bass over a year ago. All members of the band have been playing music for more than a decade with lessons in-between. Leon Trout has recently moved to Boston in the pursuit of complete and total musical domination. The band’s influences stem from a variety of classic rock, funk, jazz and jam band artists across the spectrum.

Currently the Trout has been hard at work writing tons of new material with reported symptoms of face and or brain meltification. With their determination and pure commitment to their craft good things are sure to come. Keep an eye out for new recordings, videos and upcoming shows. This is only the beginning!”

Taking Back Atlantisfacebook-icon

We’re are an experimental band. We love the stage and live music. We’re energetic and love to move about. If you like good ole hard rock straight through some metal you’ll like us. M/


Born in Plymouth NH at Plymouth State University and currently ranked at #3 Best band in New Hampshire by NH Magazine, Elephant is a powerful dance group on the rise. Elephant’s music goes without a genre as they explore the realms of funk, electronica, jazz, fusion, rock and roll, anything else they can throw in the mix. Elephant has shared the stage with Gregg Allman, The Doobie Brothers, Turkuaz, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Twiddle, Consider the Source, The Main Squeeze, Viral Sound, Lespecial, Youngblood Brass Band, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Sophistafunk, Roots of Creation, The Alchemystics and many more.

Ballads & Softcore Pornfacebook-icon

Ballads, formed in early 2013, is an R&B/funk ensemble consisting of students and alumni of the jazz department at UMass Amherst. Since performing at the last two annual Extravaganja events (we headlined the last one!) we’ve been working harder than ever to bring groovy music and good vibes to people all over western Mass by performing bi-weekly or more both on campus and at various other venues around the valley. We definitely love playing at festivals and are grateful for the opportunity to win a spot at Strangecreek!

the knotsfacebook-icon

“Psychedelic and funk inspired roots rock.
Local band with local following.”


Progressive Fusion Instrumental Trio reigning from North Attleboro, MA. Give us a listen and enjoy 🙂

O’K and the Night Crewfacebook-icon

O’K and the Night Crew is a blues/rock trio out of Hartford, CT whose goal is to bring back the true heart and soul of rock n roll that we feel has been lost in the newer generations of music. Our music is driven by our live performance, growling guitar work, funky bass riffs, and a jazz trained drummer for taste – Traditional Rock For the Information Era.

Tuba Fourfacebook-icon

Tuba Four performs original jam rock. In addition they cover songs inspired by the likes of The Grateful Dead, Phish, Max Creek and others.Tuba Four is, Nate Bourgault: Drums and vocals, Bryan Verrengia: Bass and vocals, Tom Messenger: guitar and vocals, Jason Vincent: percussion and vocals, Joey Mackey: guitar and vocals

Screamin Eagle Bandfacebook-icon

The Screamin Eagle Band is Connecticut’s Busiest, Hardest Workin’, Hardest Hittin’ Original, Classic Rock with a Southern Flair band! Screamin Eagle Band is: Mike Turgeon (Lead singer), Tim Britt (Guitar and vocals), Dave Yarrison (Guitar and vocals), J.R. Roberts (Bass and vocals), Dale Quesnel (Drums and Percussion)

Sarah and the Wild Versatilefacebook-icon

Sarah and the Wild Versatile are a fresh addition to the Boston music scene; teaming their long-standing performance experience and wide range of musical expertise with unique instrumental ingenuity and lyrical prowess. Ranging from blues to synth rock, folk to soul, and most anything in between, Sarah and the Wild Versatile have been taking the Boston Music scene by storm; performing with Grammy award winner Booker T. Jones, Nick Moss Band, Danny Bedrosian’s Secret Army featuring members of Parliament Funkadelic, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, Jesse Dee, Ruby Rose Fox, and many others.

“Sarah Seminski is a bit like a perfect storm, quietly brewing one moment, powerful energy in the next. Her powerhouse vocals remind one of a young Tina Turner and demand attention. Her partner in crime for some time, Eric Reardon, was a guitar virtuoso when he was 15, is now ripened to a 25 year vintage. Imagine another decade. Dynamic, versatile, and yes… definitely wild.” – Seth McNally, M.E. Productions

Colossal Groovefacebook-icon

Hi folks! Were a 3 piece eclectic instrumental rock n roll band from Palmer,Ma, Just out to have a good time and play some great music for everyone to enjoy!

Cougar Baitfacebook-icon

“Fresh off of the release of their debut album, the Boston-born electro-pop group Cougar Bait has established themselves as one of region’s premier electronic bands. The “”powered trio”” (Hippo Magazine) has gained recognition for both their high energy live performances and their unique brand of dance music. Drawing influences from house music, UK garage, rock, and hip hop through the use of live instrumentation, the band has created a sound all their own, earning them the title “”Best Electronic Act”” at The Worcester Music Awards in both 2014 & 2015. Cougar Bait released their debut album Through The Other Side in December of 2014, and it is described as “a very unique and eclectic mix of music genres blended together to create a memorable new offering… By blending elements of dubstep and dancehall with a rock-centric backbone on Through The Other Side, the members of Cougar Bait were able to give the tracks a unique appeal.” (Pulse Magazine)

Sean Sullivan – Vocals, Synthesizers, Guitar

Jamie McCarthy – Bass, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals

CT Luscious – Drums, Sampling, Backing Vocalst

Totally Submergedfacebook-icon

Southern VT rock trio Totally Submerged has been very active since late 2014. Forming to play some of their favorite Classic Rock covers, this group has also written some great originals to go with them. Delivering high-energy guitar, keys, and drums, the band also features some great vocals. Based in Chester, they’ve been taking Vermont by storm tackling everywhere from Burlington on down to Brattleboro.

The High VultAge Projectfacebook-icon

The original songwriter, Josh Vulte’ has been writing and playing these original songs as a 3 piece, power trio, for many years, and the band had changed up members many times, however, upon the chance to play @ Jerry Jam 2015, Josh met up and started playing with an old friend, Greg Willette. Add in another friend, Jordan Self, who had always been familiar with the old VultAge songs, and there was the group Josh had always been hoping for! Things really started to gel throughout the year leading up to Jerry Jam, and the first gig as the new band went better than planned! From that point on, The High Vultage Project was a GO!

Just Wingin Itfacebook-icon

“We are a new style of jam band with influences of reggae, Rock, blues, jazz, and psycadellic sounds while keeping improvisation intact at full throttle

Giancarlo: lead vocals &Guitar

Dave Sasso: drums

Ricky Mazza: bass

Paul Falzone: keys

Tim Buell: saxaphone”

Speak Well Of The Deadfacebook-icon

Swotd played 25 shows throughout the summer and we would like to expand our fan base. We have been a band for 3yrs now and would like to be a part of your battle.

The First Band To Play on Marsfacebook-icon

The First Band to Play on Mars (or 1b2pom) is a ska band out of the Amherst MA area that mixes elements of punk, classic, world music, hip hop, brass band and jazz into one unique sound. This band has played countless parties, shows and music festivals including Extravajanga in Amherst MA. If your looking for a completely new, fun and high energy show, The First Band to Play on Mars will blow you our of this world!!

The Rupert Selectionfacebook-icon

We are a trio out of the north shore of MA and have been extensively playing the boston / New England area for the past 2 years. We play progressive / psychedelic / alternative / jam / rock and are often compared to a mix of unphreys McGee and nirvana.

11.27.15 Spotlight TavernHere’s a clip of us jamming out “Bears” the other night at Spotlight Tavern. Such a fun night!! Thanks again to everyone.

Posted by The Rupert Selection on Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Shokazoba began in 2005 in Northampton, Massachusetts as a 17 piece Fela Kuti tribute project. We now produce original music, blending jazz and funk with a West African undertone and a consciously uplifting message. Our music draws inspiration from afro-beat, funk, jazz, punk, psychedelic rock, prog, rap, trance, R&B, hip hop, soul, klezmer, and other eclectic influences. Interlocking guitar patterns and syncopated percussion blend seamlessly with jazz infused horn lines. We guarantee to have the entire audience dancing!


Originaly known as offthehook adhd603 consists of 6 members.2 female vocalists a singing guitarists and drummer a bass player and second guitarists.We are from Keene NH .we play a large variety of music ranging from old classics to jam band stuff to modern rock.We also have about 12 originals and a few more in the works.

Celebrity Look-Alikesfacebook-icon

Fusing Rock, Funk, Jazz and beyond, Celebrity Look-Alikes generates a dance-fueled experience, launching the listener into a Psychedelic Soundscape. In a case of mistaken identity, the band members were once mauled by a swarm of enthused movie-star fans. Formed in 2014 in Boston, MA, Celebrity Look-Alikes released their debut EP in 2015. Almost a boy-band, the Look-Alikes really just need more vocal harmonies.


Following short-lived success of several previous endeavors, four musicians from Connecticut set out to try something different. While each member comes from a different musical background and have differing tastes, they are brought together by their love for music; namely writing and improvising it. Airlooms began in late 2014, with the intent of bringing something fresher than Febreze to the Connecticut jam scene. Whether performing original works or making covers their own, Airlooms’ blend of progressive rock, electronica, funk, blues, and more will have even the wallflowers hitting the dance floor like there’s no tomorrow.

AJ Youngfacebook-icon

Kansas City native, AJ Young is a promising young artist quickly paving his way to the top. With the release of his first independent EP “Into The Wild”, AJ evokes a record that exemplifies the passion he displays for his music.

From the studio to live performance, his goal has always been this: real music, played from the storyline of his life, that relates to real people. A.J. is currently looking to book shows for performing to work towards spreading the word of his music.

Where’s Walden?facebook-icon

Where’s Walden? is a Post-Punk and Powerpop band from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Having been previously named “Jack O’Brien and the Ferns”, the band established a tight knit following in the Boston area, and was featured in several Boston based music blogs such as Allston Pudding. After relocating to Amherst, the band changed their name to “Where’s Walden?”. Frontman Jack O’Brien sings and plays guitar. Walden recruited multi-instrumentalist Matt Twaddle to play bass and synths. Rounding out the line-up is Sam Lheron on lead guitar, and Corey Camara on drums. The four piece will release their debut album in January of 2016.

The band prides itself in writing Post-Punk and Powerpop songs that utilize catchy riffs and driving bass and drums. Some of its major influences are Dinosaur Jr., Twin Peaks and The Cure. This coming year band can be expected to play shows in the Amherst and Northampton area.

The Stupid Robotsfacebook-icon

Hello Wormtown!

We are The Stupid Robots from southeast Massachusetts. We take our music very seriously but don’t take ourselves very seriously. Coincidentally, we tend to write songs about ourselves resulting in some very high quality silliness. Past descriptions of our sound include a mix between moe. and the Grateful Dead, and a mix between Primus and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It really depends on what we feel like sounding like the night you happen to see us.

Dancing and singing are fun. We as much effort into meaningful songwriting as we do funky beats and chord progressions. Our sound(s) have something for everyone to move to.

Check out what we have to offer on our website:

Stay tuned as we begin recording our first album in January 2016.

the stupid robots


We’re an alternative Pop/Rock Band that strives to connect with our fans and audience to create an unforgettable experience at our shows.

Mamma’s Marmaladefacebook-icon

Mamma’s Marmalade is a high-energy acoustic quintet from Amherst, Massachusetts. With members coming from different musical upbringings, there are influences of folk, funk, rock, classical, and bluegrass music in this group. Wielding the instrumentation of a traditional bluegrass band, Mamma’s takes the idea of “newgrass” to a new level, creating a unique and fun sound. With Curtis Bordage on the bass, Lily Sexton on fiddle, Ben Bosco on guitar, Mitch Bordage on mandolin, and Rich Hennessy on banjo, this group is sure to get you up and dancing.

Lawnchair Pilotsfacebook-icon

Lawnchair Pilots are an Connecticut rock quartet. Residing out of Hartford County they’ve been raiding the Connecticut scene providing various venues with their authentic rock sounds for little over a year. It is maintained with Owen Barth on vocals, and playing guitar. Mark Dennen holding down the lead guitar with wicked licks. Then Parker Eldridge applying magical rhythms to each song, with Sean Wilhelm providing collosal beats to each song elevating them to a new level.

Amateur Athletesfacebook-icon

The Amateur Athletes, are a South Shore Boston based band, with a summery, ska vibe with melodic guitar riffs.

Boom and the soundshakers

We play a mix of reggae hiphop and rock. We started in 2011 playing all original music and a few covers now we have over 30 original songs and 15 plus covers.

Skinny Clevelandfacebook-icon

Skinny Cleveland is a 6 piece alternative rock band from Boston with roots in the local jam scene. Formed in 2010, they have released 2 albums and are currently working on their third. Known for composing songs that are upbeat and “danceable”, they still manage to retain a strong rock & roll backbone.

Falling Furtherfacebook-icon

Falling Further is a new haven based original hard rock band consisting of Mike DeLucia on guitars, Ken Parker on drums Matt Moulton on bass and Haris Shah on vocals. We are determined to play the music we love all over the local scene for are friends and fans.

Stones & The Ghostsfacebook-icon

Whats up Strange Creek!
We are a group named, Stones & The Ghosts. Playing together from Northwestern CT for four years, we’ve created our own signature sound with original material. The group is a trio composed of Tavaughn Young, Corey Shepherd, and Devin Shepherd. We have experience playing live sets at bars, parties, and venues. We have over an hour of original material and are ready to battle it out here!

Super Beefacebook-icon

Super Bee began in late 2014 when guitarist Wilson Stonier and Drummer Matthew Holden had already been playing for several years. After posting an add on craigslist for a bass player, Giovanni Floriano responded and three instantly clicked. The trio wrote what would become known as their self titled track Super Bee at their first meeting. Having a solid foundation formed and an undeniable chemistry, the trio looked for a front man. After many attempts the group came across Tim O’ Donnell, who was a former room mate with Wilson back in college. Tim’s obvious flair and creative genius helped form the nucleus that is Super Bee. It is a combination of the old and new iteration of the iconic muscle car from Dodge. When you hear Super Bee’s music, you certainly know that it is not something you have heard before but there is that old nostalgic feeling you had when you listened to your favorite vinyl back in the day. Taking inspiration from bands of all genres such as RHCP, Tool, Minus the Bear, Radio Head, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, The Mars Volta, Metallica, Circa Survive, and countless others, Super Bee is a well balanced blend of new age and good old fashioned Rock N’ Roll.


Snowhaus is a four piece Indie Punk band, originally out of Framingham MA. Our eclectic sound appeals to fans of rock, indie, emo, pop, and punk; drawing influence from bands such as Piebald, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Modern baseball, and a innumerable list of others. We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands such as Dogs on Acid, Prawn The band is comprised of: Nathan Galloway (Vocals, Guitar), Ben Harris (Drums), Zach Bloomstein (Vocals, Guitar), and Nick Gencarella (Bass). In January 2015, Snowhaus released their first E.P. titled “Nobscot”. Currently playing shows throughout New England and beyond, the band is currently in the works of writing their first full length, expecting to record summer 2016.


InDaze is a Reggae / Fusion act based out of the New York City Area. With a diverse line up of cultural and musical backgrounds, InDaze blends many different styles and elements into solid grooves, good vibes, and high energy live performances.

The Deaf Catsfacebook-icon

The Deaf Cats formed in July of 2014 around front man Mario Passi’s lyrics and songwriting, and have since been gathering forward momentum on the Boston music scene. With several shows already under their belt at well known music venues around Boston, including Tommy Doyle’s, The Middle East Cafe, Church, O’Brien’s Pub, The Midway Cafe, and PA’s Lounge – as well as a self-titled 8 song release – the band is looking forward to keeping that momentum rolling along!

Keep It Rolling Band…….CT, MA, RIfacebook-icon

Danceable covers..past to present. We are a working NEW ENGLAND band
currently playing the circuit at all major live venue bars, BLEACHERS_

Bright Orange Blastofacebook-icon

Bright Orange Blasto is the greatest band you’ve never heard. Their original sound and stage presence is sure to clean your clock, or any surface you apply them to. Watch the crowds rush the stage during every vicious performance and beg for more after the show is done. Bright Orange Blasto is a three-piece original band with a sound like no other, primed and ready to deliver a night of musical entertainment that will blow your mind! You be the judge jury or executioner…

the little compton bandfacebook-icon

The Little Compton Band embodies a new age of roots rock. Camaraderie around small town living, improvised musical journeys, and a commitment to craft has forged this powerful group. On a seaside farm in southern Rhode Island, the five friends began making music at a young age. Through the years, the LCB has developed a sound that is remarkably classic in nature. A common infatuation with the musical languages of soul, jazz, country western, and blues, coupled with their spiritual connection to the rural north, created a unique sound that transcends the status quo.

Tracy Jo & The Toadsfacebook-icon

After living and studying music in New Orleans, performing with members of The Grateful Dead, The Disco Biscuits, Jen Durkin, and many more; Tracy Jo got together with former MOJO bandmate, Jon Kamal, to form a new group featuring the singer in the northeast.

Tracy Jo & The Toads is a blend of blues and gritty soul brought together as true rock n’ roll. With a clear roots rock influence, the band is led by a young, vocal powerhouse. Each member of this close-knit group of musicians brings their own professional and developed sound to the stage.

With rich harmonies and songs reminiscent of Tedeschi Trucks Band, The Alabama Shakes, and early Etta James; Tracy Jo and the Toads bring energy and new life to a classic sound. If you’re a fan of rock n’ roll, you’re already a fan of the toads.

Jonny Bettencourtfacebook-icon

Native of Massachusetts with Azorean routs. Solo artist Jonny Bettencourt is 23 years of age and has been creating music since elementary school. Jonny sings and plays guitar as well as other instruments. His style is original and fun with a positive outlook.


The band uses technology to enhance live performance in a truly extraordinary way. The use of loop pedals allows the dynamic duo to play drums, guitar, bass and keys all at once while executing tight vocal harmonies. That’s not all. They switch instruments too, usually several times during a performance, often within the same song, without missing a beat.

Sure, other acts use samples and loop pedals on stage, but the difference is nothing is pre-recorded: the riffs are created live in front of the audience and then start and stopped during the song while other instruments are being played, to create the effect of a full band. How do they do this? Come to a live show and see for yourself. Such a unique performance style could be considered a gimmick by some, but the siblings don’t mind this label because the results never cease to amaze.


Hailing from Milford, MA, and the local rock scene that produced punk bands such as the Hotelier and Born Without Bones, Anaday has carved out their own unique sound and style of play. Taking influence from older groups like the Grateful Dead and Black Sabbath and blending that with a modern rock attitude, the band has been able to excite live audiences with a highly energized and emotional playing style. Through years of experience playing together the group has also developed a sophisticated improvisational technique utilizing a wide range of original and cover material. To date the band has an EP and a small collection of improvised material online, with a full length album in the works.


Lo-Fuki is a Massachusetts based jazz band that integrates soulful composing and unique feels into their sound. The members of Lo-Fuki are forward-thinking musicians who are far from strangers to the New England music circuit and have previously or currently been members of William Thompson Funk Experiment, A Ton of Blues, Secondhand Smoke, Background Orcs, Insigniya, Skyfoot, and more.

Dust Clouds of Marsfacebook-icon

I tried to find a use for my Sixtrak Synthesizer in my last 2 bands , but everyone laughed at the poor little thing with it’s silly sounds. Silly, but still kind of cool I thought. It sat in the closet for another couple of years until I decided to do a project something less serious and simply for fun. Combine the old synth with my Love of Vibrato Bar And Twang, and My drummer friend Gary said we should
try playing it live, and here we are. I bought a few more cheap synths, and let’s see where this goes…..


Krunkelstitlskin is an American Crossover Prog band from Western Massachusetts. The band was formed in late 2013 when Chris Gorham, Mike Thurber and Rich Buonaugurio formerly of Dude, F*cking Yeah! started working with Bion Diaz formerly of Molecules. With two keyboard/vocalists and a dynamic rhythm section the band stands out as a singularity in the guitar driven rock scene. Their method is to funnel any and all musical genres into the ‘compositional grinder’ in order to churn out grand, silly and sometimes downright psychotic versions of hard, electronic, progressive rock, colloquially referred to as ‘Electrogrind’ music. From there, the material goes on a horizontal screw conveyor. Krunkelstiltskin’s debut was a full length, LP cacophony of chaos and tongue in cheek humor titled “Into the Aurifice”. Released in April of 2015, this album may appeal to fans of Frank Zappa, Ween, Aphex Twin, King Crimson and Mr. Bungle. A second full length release “Sassafras” at the end of December 2015 caught a vastly expanding audience by surprise with a brilliant sucker punch of rhythm and mind bending melodies. Be sure to check out the band’s latest music video “Sassafras” (2015) on social media and youtube. With another release in the works for early 2016 and a growing live presence this young band is looking to take Western Massachusetts and beyond by storm.

Great Blue

Great Blue is a Reggae Rock n’ Funk group from Wilton, CT. Originating in High School, this quartet now plays many shows throughout the Northeast. Each performance contains masterful improvisation, a unique song list, and new surprises to keep the audience on their toes! Great Blue has recently released their third studio album, “Safety First.” It features brilliant hooks and groovy tunes spanning genres from reggae to psychedelia, country and more! Currently they are promoting their album and staying safe. Come out and join the Blue Crew!!

Analog Heart

Alternative rock band with female fronted singer. Groovy, fresh, danceable rock n’ roll music.

Jose Oyola & the Astronauts

Drawing inspiration from a love of outer space and thoughtful appreciation of the human experience, Jose Oyola & The Astronauts craft multi­dimensional, bilingual indie rock with a psychedelic edge. Based out of New Haven, Connecticut, JOATA has shared the stage with Explosions in the Sky, Ozomatli, Bear Hands, The Stepkids, Miniature Tigers, The Dear Hunter, Moving Mountains, Sage Francis, Cage, and Ceschi.

The Jawn

The press has called them “hip hop funk jammers,” “experimental,” “poppy blues rock” and a mix of “funk, rock, pop and soul.” They are all of this and more; they are The Jawn.

Taking their name from the swiss army knife-like, all purpose Philadelphia slang term, The Jawn have left audiences stunned with their high energy performances.

The Jawn combine tight, virtuosic musicianship and improvisation with catchy hooks and melody; while many acts excel at one realm or the other, The Jawn equally cultivate both skills, offering something for everyone. Guitarists Pat Durkin and Ricky Haldis trade lead guitar licks and provide vocals, while bassist Mike Novak and drummer Andrew Duffy lay a hard hitting groove underneath.

In their short time as a band, The Jawn have performed at festivals and shows around the East Coast with acts such as Cheers Elephant, Brother’s Past, Splintered Sunlight, Screaming Headless Torsos, Turtle Soup, Moogatu, Teddy Midnight, Montoj, Nik Greeley And The Operators, Out Of The Beardspace, Racket Boys, Native Maze, Catullus, The Strange Heat, Bong Hits For Jesus and more. With an EP, several singles, and a music video under their belt, The Jawn continue to progress and evolve as a group.

In Flux

We make music merging man and machine.

Jo Henley

Over the past ten years, Jo Henley has established itself as one of the Northeast’s premiere Americana acts. Formed by longtime collaborators Andy Campolieto and Ben Lee, the Boston-based band is known for its adventurous blend of rock, folk, country, and bluegrass, plus a healthy dose of jamband improvisation.

Inspired by everything from old-timey music to modern indie rock, the band’s love of all forms of American music shines through in Jo Henley. Since their 2006 debut EP, the band has toured nationally, headlined festivals both local and regional festivals, and released 5 critically-acclaimed full-length records, including 2010’s Inside Out, on which Lee and Campolieto were backed by Trey Anastasio Band members Russ Lawton, Tony Markellis, and Ray Paczkowski. In fact, Markellis has played bass on nearly all of the band’s records, including it’s upcoming release, Sundogs (due out in summer 2016), and has performed close to 100 live shows with Jo Henley since 2008.

Campolieto’s and Lee’s number one goal for Jo Henley has always been to put the craft of songwriting first and foremost, a fact that is not lost on fans and music critics alike. Boston music publication The Noise, in reviewing Jo Henley latest album, Around These Parts, wrote, “…the rhythm and poise with which the members of Jo Henley write and perform is exquisite. Touches of Robbie Robertson and the Band and all who followed in their footsteps echo throughout this collection. The range is beautiful. The lyrics and melodies have a very familiar feel throughout, as if we have dear friends in all these songs—a rare gift indeed.”

You can find Jo Henley performing their quiet ballads, country-rockers, fiery bluegrass, and deep, Dead-influenced jams as they win over new audiences up and down the East Coast, out west, and in a town near you

Plankeye Peggy

Plankeye Peggy may have a delirious affect on your prognosis. Wired for rock, this Asheville based band blends rhythms of flesh and dirt, bleeding out varied song forms with tightly, thoroughly-composed performance pieces. High strung and spasmatic, Plankeye Peggy songs seem at once desperate and preening, flirtatious and dangerous. With their revolving carousel of sounds, you will find yourself anxious to hear what pops out around the corner next.

Easy On The Mayo

To some, a sandwich lubricant. To those that listen, the Mayo can be a healing ointment for the mind and soul. Steamy, free form, spicy rhythms to get you piping hot, but always leaving room to get down and dirty with your bad self. Imagine if you will a funk sandwich. Handcrafted with thick slices of rock, being derived from aged Zappa and flecks of Talking Heads, layed over a medley of Steely Dan and fresh sliced Primus. Raw cheesy funk melted over the top for you and your tasty buds. If you’re trying to keep it greasy, at least go Easy on the Mayo. Too much grease can lead to coronary issues, I was told. A melding of many influences for the musical tastebuds, ultimately leading to the destruction of the labels and genres cropped in your head. Hailing from Southeast, CT. Chris Croce, Nick Delia, Stephanie Benoit, Kyle Guertin, and Eric Buzon.

Kroma Kode

Instrumental hip hop artists Kroma Kode have been rocking shows on the east coast since 2012. Originally the producer/drummer duo of Teddy Cohen & Jack Phomphithak, now perform as a 3 piece, with jazz guitarist Lee Canales. Best described as feel-good hip hop, fusing live sampling, drums, and guitar.

Heavy Necker

Heavy Necker burst onto the unsuspecting rock world in 2011 as a three-headed, rip-snorting party-beast fueled on classic rock, heavy blues, and the sweet narcotic of youth. Hailing from Peabody, MA where there are too few rockers to boot, they wave their freak flags high with sparkling bruised drums and electric guitars set to stun. After a lineup change and a good bit of gigging around, everything came into focus with the 2013 release of their debut EP, Reptile Kings. Don’t ask what kinda rock it is, because it needs no prefacing. What kind of rock are the Rolling Stones? Zep? Cream? Fuckin’ Hellacopters? It’s that kind, man. It’s ROCK. It’s easy, it’s sleazy, and it gets you right where you’re going, every single time. Since then the three hip young dudes who keep this infernal machine ablaze have been tearing up stages all over the East Coast, blowing minds, breaking hearts and delivering high-contact, high-velocity, high-impact rock n’ roll shows that leave audiences sore in the hip and satisfied, every time. Heavy Necker plans to release a single and a full length album in the near future.

Merrimack delta dub set

Formed in 2008, The Merrimack Delta Dub Set have been playing reggae-infused, funky, live hip hop in The Merrimack Valley, Boston, The North Shore and The Seacoast to energetic, dancing crowds in a wide array of venues. Frontman, singer and rhythm guitar player, Seamus Stanton, with his strong, soulful vocals and rhythmic reggae guitar is accompanied by MC Oliver Ox, whose cerebral, well-developed lyrics and rap technique are unparalleled. MDDS combines the sweet sounds and melodies of saxophone player Clark Zlindra-Short and the melodic riffs of lead guitarist Benjamin Goldbaum for consistently catchy hooks and melodies. Backed by beats that range from dancehall, hip-hop, to dub to disco, provided by the formidable team of drummer Derek Hayden and bass player Devon Hurt, The Dub Set can get any crowd dancing.

Amos Fortune

“Amos Fortune may be a new name in the thriving New England music world, but they’re a group of familiar faces. Comprised of former members of many different bands from many different genres, they’ve owned countless stages throughout New England, across the United States, and even abroad. Amos Fortune is a charismatic fusing of elements of driving rock, melodic folk, cool funk, and dirty electric blues blended into a incendiary whirlwind of energy, emotion and euphoria. Cole’s gritty soulful voice shines over tight grooves and soaring solos. Kayne’s lead guitar screams with the classic flair reminiscent of the greats of the 60’s and 70’s while Eric’s he bass rumbles with its funky virtuosity. Josh powers through the mix with his authoritative rhythm guitar and Tom drives everything home with a solid backbeat behind the drums. Verdict:
Amos Fortune is a band that any fan of indie rock, folk or blues should check out.”
From the Depths Entertainment

Patchwork Chair

Connecticut jam band blending together rock, reggae, funk, hip hop and more with original jams guaranteed to make you dance. Catchy guitar rythems mixed in with deep soulful vocals and topped with face melting guitar solos Patchwork Chair always keeps the vibes good and the jams flowing.

Cruel Miracle

Hailing from Boston, four-piece rock and roll band, Cruel Miracle, is serving powerhouse vocals, killer guitar leads and tons of soul in their energetic debut album, ‘Manifesto.’
Vocalist Sadie Vada, Guitarist Sir-Ken Celli, Bassist Charlie Black and Drummer Luis Castellanos offer a sound reminiscent of Guns & Roses, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors, but with a fresh perspective. Cruel Miracle is classic rock with the sense of danger and romance that has been long absent from the music scene. Touring the East Coast since their 2014 formation, Cruel Miracle aims to deliver rock and roll realness to a hungry audience.

The Trichomes

Funk, 90’s hip hop, and psychedelic rock fused into one supernatural experience.

The 7th House

The 7th House is an electrified psychedelic beat experience that uplifts audiences. Dense drum and sample programming connects with the atmospheric guitar of Andrew Vignati and bass of Elliott Maraniss with frontman Mars Jptr sprinkling in beatbox, rhymes & several surprising sound sources. Cinematic arrangements make this the perfect backdrop for everyday life with presence, intensity and plenty of energy to rock your festival..

Ginja Low Main

Ginja Low Min, it says it in the name, pretty spicy and slippery when wet. A quartet from the 413 fusing funk, rock, and jazz just in time to spin it back in your face. Get low on the main.


Squid is a new MA/NH based band with reggae, funk, rock, beach feel. We do not currently have any social media, but we will soon.


In the winter of 2011 two best friends decided to start a band, a band that would fuse styles and genres like never before, a band that would bring those close to it deeper down the rabbit hole then any of them could ever have fathomed. An experience unlike any other, that would ultimately be the saving grace for our two heroes. Embark on an epic chapter in their sonic saga.
Extracting influence from the pinnacle guitar tonal wizardry of Gilmour, Garcia, and Clapton, and coalescing it with delicate rhythms and a taste for the eccentric and experimental. Progressively reviving the spirit of the 1960’s mentality as new messiahs of the Crystal Age. Think Ozric Tentacles meets early Pink Floyd on 1000mcg. In deep space.


Joon is a rock band from Enfield, Connecticut originally formed by Guitarist/vocalist Carl DiFederico, and bassist, Ryan Guhne. They are now joined by Rhode Island native Luc Gendreau on drums, and fellow Enfield native, Olivia Gaines on vocals. In the forefront, their music is defined by powerful vocals, melodic guitar parts, and a funky rhythm section. The rhythm section will get you dancing, and their catchy melodies will leave you singing along. Their live shows are inclusive and kick-ass providing any size crowd with a great range of music to enjoy. Each member of Joon is inspired by a variety of different genres and artists which has successfully led the band to create their own evolving sound. They are influenced by everything from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, and Grace Potter, which has combined to form their own show stopping sound and performance that will bring the house down.


GooseMusic is an organic mix of Funk and Folk with touches of reggae, blues, and jazz. May cause involuntary movements of dance.

Great Smokey

Brewed in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts since 2009, GREAT SMOKEY is solid rock for our raging world. Steaming of moss funk, chilled as ice cold river soul, yet its hot lava heart beat presses onward…. Their newest release “The Thaw” features eight fossils freshly unearthed from the analog underground.