As a boy, the music of Zach Deputy’s Puerto Rican, Cruzan and Irish heritage was cooked up in the South Carolina heat. The Calypso rhythms and folk songs of St. Croix competed with the R&B / soul of pioneers like James Brown and Ray Charles for space on the family stereo. As Zach honed his craft, a unique hybrid of these influences emerged, ultimately creating the signature Zach Deputy sound– what he calls “Island-infused, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul” that has made him a hot up-and-coming artist.

This is the one-man-band sweaty dance party side of the coin. That same gumbo of influences has the humid, sultry, quieter side, too. This is the side of the slow dances… the bodies pressed close together and the quiet voices whispering in each others’ ears. Soul-singer and guitarist, Zach Deputy taps into the spirit of Al Green, Taj Mahal and Stevie Wonder, creating soulful rhythm and blues.

Over the past three and a half years, Zach Deputy has performed over one thousand live shows, living out of his tour van. Most days begin in a hotel room and end a couple of hours after walking off the stage, leaving a packed house of sweaty dancers calling for more. The constant touring and the people he has met along the way, the life on the road and the life away from home and his family, the trials and tribulations, the triumphs and the love of– and for– you, the friends and fans… these are his inspiration.