Outer Stylie is a heavy, psychedelic, explosion of sound located in Amherst, MA. Although steeped in hard rock influences they take the listener to grounds and heights not often achieved by other rock bands. Never to submit to the clichés of rock ‘n’ roll, they are also influenced by the sensibilities of jazz and classical music, the freak-out mentality of psychedelic jams, and the infinite possibilities of an experimental outlook. They balance on the axis between simplicity and uncontrollable chaos; dance with the flowers of beauty and beasts of disgust. Hearing them live will truly take you to the Outer Stylie…

Since their debut album was released in April of 2008 they played a number of amazing shows, along with a national tour. One of the best shows that happened after their debut was Amherst’s annual Extravaganja Festival, which over 1500 people attended. Also on the tour, they played a number of memorable shows including Burlington’s Nectar’s, Philadelphia’s Raven’s Lounge, Tempe’s Phase 54 Nightclub. LA’s Verity Room, and Denver’s Lincoln’s Roadhouse. Upon returning from their tour Outer Stylie played a number of sonified shows in Massachusetts, including Chicopee’s Maximum Capacity and Boston’s Legendary Paradise Rock Club where Outer Stylie graced the same stage U2 and ACDC once did. Along with all of these shows Outer Stylie has also been regulars in the Northampton, MA scene playing shows at the Iron Horse and the Elevens, along with other venues. Versailles Records released a Stone Temple Pilots tribute in August of 09 that featured New Egypt from Outer Stylies debut, self titled album on the CD sampler of new music.

Outer Stylie grew late in the summer of 09, adding two new members, and since they have frequently displayed their new more experimental sound. They enthralled many crowds with their intense, psychedelic shows at renowned stages in the Northeast such as The Middle East, Hampshire Halloween, Maximum Capacity, Copperfields, the Midway Cafe, the Elevens, Pearl Street, the Iron Horse, and many festivals including Wormtown, StrangeCreek, Bella Terra, Rockinghill, Heads in Harmony, and Souper Groove. They released their second album, Into Being, in October 2013, and went back into the studio two months later! They are also immensely involved in the Pioneer Valley scene and play regularly in the Northampton and Amherst, as well as support other local acts with hope to truly spread the good music.

Outer Stylie has opened for several nationally touring acts including Turkuaz, Zach Deputy, Kung Fu, Badfish, and the Revivalists.


Nate Martel: Vox, Guitar

John Duffy: Guitar

Tom Schack: Bass

Joshua Rosberg: Sax Man

Monte Arnstam: Bangin’ Circles