We are proud that our festivals have become more family-friendly than ever. It fits the reality of our community as extended family, and gives our brothers and sisters now raising families of their own a way to enjoy the festivals while also providing a safe and entertaining haven for them and their children. Our dedicated staff of workers, volunteers and musicians works hard to keep Wormtown Family Camping that kind of haven, and we are grateful for their many efforts.


With all that in mind, we ask you to be mindful of a few things. One, please don’t treat Family Camping as a babysitting service, or our helpers as babysitters – stay involved and aware of your family’s activities at all times. Please be sensible in your own choices, and mindful of your responsibilities. Parents, please don’t EVER leave young children unattended. If they are old enough to roam, check in with them often and keep them close after dark. If a child is missing, don’t hesitate to contact staff for immediate assistance.

If you did not come with children, PLEASE be respectful of families around you, and mindful of the safety of our youngsters. Family Camping is not the party spot; please tone it down in that area at night! The Worms are here to help, but “it takes a village” as the saying goes, and the safety and comfort of ALL is our highest and constant concern. In other words, “play smart” so everyone goes home happy.

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