With big thanks to everyone who came out last night for a truly great semifinal showdown, we were left with another really tough decision among three truly talented bands. It wasn’t easy and we know any of these bands would sound good in our little corner of the woods at StrangeCreek, but the tournament demands we pick a winner. And so we congratulate our final finalist who will get to face off against the semifinal winners from each of our other venues on Friday April 1 at Electric Haze…. drumroll…. by the slimmest of margins (again, because they were all great fun)… congratulations to Easy On The Mayo! Big props to O’K and the Night Crew and Tuba Fourfor making it so hard to come up with a winner… we hope to see you around in the future. And now… on to the finals! Come out next Friday (its FREE!) and see who captures the cabin set prize!