These decisions are often hard to make after a full night of great music, and last night was no exception… but make them we must! That said, we welcome our first FINALIST to emerge from the semifinals of our battles – Boston’s CELEBRITY LOOK-ALIKES! These guys can PLAY! We have nothing but grateful encouragement for The Stupid Robots and Sarah & The Wild Versatile, who are both full of talented potential. Big thanks also to everyone who came out on a Monday night to get down with us. We’ll find three more finalists this week – tonight at Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton MA, Wednesday at the The Stone Church Meeting House in Newmarket NH, and Thursday at Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford CT. This all leads up to next week’s big FINALS showdown on Friday April 1, back at Electric Hazein Worcester… where you KNOW every band to make it that far will bring their best as they jostle for that CABIN SET at StrangeCreek… We hope you can join us!