Sometimes these decisions are really tough! The music-loving souls who made it out on a cold rainy night were divided in their votes – as was our own jury! – after a night full of truly excellent music by Slipkey, Kroma Kodeand Sarah & Wild Versatile. But after some hearty debate, and knowing we had to move someone on to the semifinals – maybe it was the over-the-top vocals that put them over the top – we congratulate SARAH & THE WILD VERSATILE to the semifinals NEXT WEEK right back at Electric Haze! So now we’re up to 9 semifinalists competing next week, who will join them to make it 12? Find out tonight at Northampton’s Bishop’s Lounge, tomorrow night at The Stone Church Meeting House in Newmarket NH, and Thursday at Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford! Come be part of the process — all shows are FREE!