Wow the last preliminary round at Black Eyed Sally’s was another fun one – fueled by some St. Patrick’s Day revelry – and another tough, close decision. With thanks to Joon and Patchwork Chair for making it a very hard choice, we finally congratulate O’K and the Night Crew for squeaking by and moving on to the semifinals NEXT WEEK back at Black Eyed Sally’s! This coming Thursday (3/24) they’ll square off against Tuba Four and Easy On The Mayo to see who advances to the big FINALS showdown in Worcester on April 1! Come be part of the fun! You can catch these ‘semifinal’ showdowns all next week: Monday at Electric Haze in Worcester, Tuesday at Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton, Wednesday at The Stone Church Meeting House in Newmarket NH… WHO will move on to play at StrangeCreek Campout 2016???