“Revibe is comprised of four people who share a passion for music and happened to be in the right place at the right time (in the form of a chicken wing delivery service). They are often described as a “jam band,” which is accurate given the tendency for exploratory improvisation. To make the assumption that they can be easily compared to any number of prominent groups dubbed with this title, however, is quite misleading. Their genre and style is hard to pin down as it changes show to show and song to song as the band members’ diverse musical tastes and backgrounds, drawn from experiences in both listening and playing, shine through. In addition to their unique approach to musical exploration, they take great care in their composition and carefully craft their material to provide familiar islands in a sea of improvisation. Whether previously sculpted or created in the moment, expect to hear everything from jazz to trance, funk to rock or any fusion of their varied collection of genres. One thing is sure, you’ll always end up dancing…”

Eagle in the Atticfacebook-icon

Eagle in the Attic is a multi genre Rock/funk/pop/jam band from the north shore of Massachusetts. Formed in January 2015 and released our 15 track debut album “Let it Flow” in June of 2016. We aim to get people dancing at our live performances. High energy fun sets! Our horn section helps keep things funky fresh.

Drunk & In The Woodsfacebook-icon

Drunk & In The Woods is a scintillatingly sexy 7-piece collective churning out a blend of Soul, Funk, and Blues. Layering horns over delicious bass grooves and electric mandolin chops, we aim to craft a perfect foundation for passionate vocals, screaming solos, and endless groove.

Andy Mowatt’s Steely Jamfacebook-icon

“Consistently stellar” (Price, PA Musician Mag), “Andy Mowatt’s Steely Jam” is a funk-driven powerhouse from Pennsylvania, led by guitarist Andy Mowatt, “an absolute musical genius” (Devoy, Tellus 360) and “jazz-rock flamethrower on guitar” (Campbell, Gigspots). A fusion of New Orleans and Central PA, Mowatt’s “bright arrangements keep things sounding fresh” (PA Musician) and “inspire you to expand your mind and think outside the confines of traditional jazz, soul and funk!” (Robert, Positive Music Reviews). “Confident, to-the-point, and elegant” (Rocha, The Flinging Times), Andy and his group entertain and impress crowds with unique originals and modern twists on classic hits, “and yet, through many influences, each tune retains a sound that is distinctly Mowatt’s” (O’Brien, Fly Magazine). 


Around 2013, Rumblecat appeared mysteriously on the side of the road somewhere between Macon, Motown, and New York City. They hitched a ride to Burlington, VT, tried some beer and maple syrup, and decided to stay a while. Their music is a funky rock’n’roll gumbo seasoned with sweet harmonies, sizzling solos, and hearty grooves. They’ve shared bills with such diverse acts as Fuel, Popa Chubby, and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Rumblecat was awarded “Best in State: Vermont” at the 2016 New England Music Awards. Their debut album, ‘Til the Neighbors Shout, was released in April 2016 and is receiving radio play around the US, Canada, and Europe.


Skyfoot is a powerful jam-rock band from Boston, MA. Forming in early 2011, the band has played 250+ shows all across the United States. You’ll find them rocking New England regularly and on down the eastern seaboard in the Carolinas and Virginias. In summer 2014 and 2015 the band spent 2 months touring the Northwest U.S. with shows in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

Skyfoot plays a variety of genres from funk, rock, reggae & bluegrass to sonic landscapes and fusion. Their live show features tight compositions and jamming that give way to memorable peaks and valleys that are recorded and archived. If you dig the sounds of Phish, The Derek Trucks Band, Bruce Hornsby, Grateful Dead, you’ll be stoked you heard Skyfoot!

Wonder Cityfacebook-icon

“Wonder City began one night in the fall of 2013 over drinks in a Boston pub, when after self imposed exiles in Mali, Philadelphia and Louisiana, the ones who came to be its founding members bonded over a shared love of lush, buzzy guitar tones and vibrantly distinct vocal lines. It was decided right then that a band had to be made.
The 4-piece soon collaborated on the makings of bold, yet not wholly unfamiliar musical style, fueled and inspired in equal parts by shimmery and charging Britrock groups like the Who, Oasis and The Stone Roses, and rhythmically driven reggae, funk, and rock from Bob Marley & the Wailers, the Police, and Fela Kuti.”

The Mangrovesfacebook-icon

“Little bit of funk, a smidge of jazz, a dollop of rock, jam sensibilities, and more than enough groove to get your booty moving.

With a mix of influences and inspiration, The Mangroves sound is constantly evolving, molded by experimentation and improvisation, and is sure to have you dancing before you know it.”

Ellen Degeneratesfacebook-icon

“Like their name, Ellen Degenerates are a band of juxtapositions: chunky/smooth, peaks/valleys, radio-ready rock n’ roll numbers/psychedelic noise journeys

“Mitchell & his band are very good! And they are such sweet, sweet boys.” – Mitchell’s mom”

Ginja Low Mainfacebook-icon

GInja Low Main planted its roots in Northampton, MA as a progressive jazz/funk group with influences across many genres, such as classic rock, fusion and blues. Since founded in 2015, GInja Low Main has been writing originals that both emphasize each of the members individuality, while stretching the limits of their influences. Having appeared alongside Cousin Earth, Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan, The Diamond Stones, Viral Sound and many others, Ginja Low Main is very familiar with the leading and supporting roles that go into putting on a great show.

Humble Digsfacebook-icon

Humble Digs started off as sporadic home recordings in a total college-dude-disaster house, two guys piecing together folky songs with weird jazzy excursions. After over a year and dozens of recordings, a full band was formed and started playing in the New England area. Drawing on the songwriting of 70’s sophisticats (Donald Fagen and James Taylor being particular heroes), filtering it through the influence of adventurous live bands, and playing it with a sunny, laid-back Amherst attitude, their music is at times challenging, at times easy listening, and always ready to make you jump, sway, or rage. They are currently releasing a slew of EP’s that showcase their songwriting and blissed-out-barn-fidelity production, while live continue to develop a fluid and exciting performance.


high energy progressive quintet out of Burlington, Vt. Blending genres and hyping crowds since 2011

Silent Tidesfacebook-icon

Silent Tides is a Jersey-bred electric grit-rock trio that offers a multitude of moods, their rhythms ranging from groovy all the way to the borders of punk. Although they only formed formally a year ago, they’ve been playing music together since high school. Silent Tides puts an emphasis on live energy and originality, their sets traditionally being almost to entirely original material. Having two lead singers helps them to constantly change sounds up, sonically and compositionally.

Slack Tidefacebook-icon

“After performing in various bands together for almost four years, Ian McFarland and Chris Cyrus recruited drummer Tom Shubsda and bassist/pianist Max Logue to create a brand new type of live music experience: Slack Tide. Combining musical styles ranging from reggae and ska to hard rock and blues, the band has entertained audiences from Manhattan NY to Portland ME and everywhere in between. Putting a new twist on the old “jam band” structure, Slack Tide delivers a high energy good time performance that is never the same twice, meaning you won’t want to miss out on a single show.”

Jean-Claude Trans/Amfacebook-icon

Jean-Claude Trans/Am is a rocktronica band from Connecticut, mixing electronic and organic instruments to create a spontaneous live musical experience. Flowing seamlessly between ambient soundscapes, interstellar post-rock, and high-velocity jam sequences, they take the audience on a continuously evolving, deep and winding sonic adventure. The resulting retro-futuristic landscape is reminiscent of sci-fi movie soundtracks mixed with the raw emotional power of modern jam-rock.

Puzzle Factoryfacebook-icon

Formed in June 2016, Puzzle Factory is the music project of 3 long time friends. Together they draw inspiration from folk, rock and psychedelia to create a sound that is familiar yet refreshing.


Hard, heavy, powerful, meaningful and emotionally charged… That’s what you can expect from every song and every live show. Brutally beautiful and expansive riffs and beats with soaring vocals that deliver stories of suffering, insecurity, and the struggles we all face in our daily lives. The live KEVLAR experience attacks your senses with a high energy show delivered with a wide range of emotions that intensifies the meaning of every song we write. This is what we love. This is KEVLAR.


“Fiasco is a high energy 3 piece band that was formed by the unwitting coming together of three die hard troubadours; vocalist Britt Moore, drummer Chris Alger and guitarist Val Davis. The music is the coming together of many musical styles from The Eagles to Paramore to T.Rex. Britt’s soaring vocals deliver power and emotion on the cover songs and on Fiasco’s original tunes. The playlist includes over 50 songs covering from the 1960s to 2000s and ranging from Led Zeppelin to Linda Rondstadt and everything in between.”


6 Piece Band with roots in Connecticut. We play Rock, Funk, Blues and Jam. We have been gigging the area for a year and a half at multiples venues from PST, Stella Blues, The Outter Space, Middletown Music Festival and Organic Smiles Festival.

Totally Submergedfacebook-icon

A rock trio from Southern VT, Totally Submerged is heavily inspired by Classic Rock, and their growing library of original content reflects that. They’re a power trio comprised of guitar, drums, and keyboards (a la The Doors), sometimes Jake picks up the bass instead. Full of high energy Rock, they have the music to get people dancing on stages throughout the state and beyond.

Extreme Beer Triofacebook-icon

Formed in 2008 after many failed drinking projects and getting on one too many wrong trains, guitar and drum duo, Extreme Beer Trio, has landed in Machias, Maine to spread the word that beer is the 3rd member. Fueled from the energy of the last leg of their underground and unannounced “We’ve Got Enemies in High Places” tour, EBT brings their eclectic, unique blend of punk rock, comedy, and experimental jams to the masses for the love…………….and the beer.


Mease puts its own spin on the Jam Band scene, with a fusion of roots music and pure psychadelia taking you on a cosmic American journey. Guitarist/Vocalist Nick Stone’s lyrics can chill the hardest of bones. Drummer Drew Doyon and Guitarist, Louie Ferro play off of eachothers energy immensely; add bassist Chris Caduto and guitarist/vocalist Kyle Hoegen and you have a funky concoction of funk, blues and psychadelic ecstasy surely to tap into ones ‘Technicolor Brain Stem”

Bangcreek Puppiesfacebook-icon

The Bangcreek Puppies started when three close friends Brad Griffith (guitar), T.J. Debicella (drums), and Isaiah Schoenfeld (bass guitar) got together in 2015 on a quest for epic jams. The band’s chemistry flourished and they quickly evolved into a powerhouse trio. Every song brings thumping basslines, shredding guitar licks, and tight drum grooves together for a delicious concoction of funky, bluesy original tunes and creative covers. Come see one show and you’ll be a puppy lover for life. Woof!

The Goddamn Riverfacebook-icon

The Goddamn River is group of Hartford area musicians who got together to make music based on a shared love of bluegrass, country, rock & roll, and texas holdem. Bringing a fresh look at acoustic style songwriting through their original music, as well as a diverse mix of cover songs.

Lowe budget bandfacebook-icon

We are a 5 piece band from keene nh.W play a variety of covers and originals.While our roots lie in the classic 60’s and 70’s we also like to put a twist on 80’s tunes as well as a few tasty jams here and there.

The Phrygfacebook-icon

“The Phryg is New York City’s progressive funk quartet based out of Brooklyn. Equally versed in old-school funk as they are in prog-rock and jazz fusion, their music blends intricate compositions with hard hitting grooves and virtuosic solos. The Phryg was founded in the summer of 2013 by guitarist Collin Patierno.

The Phryg recently made an appearance at the 2016 Backwoods Music Festival alongside such artists as Tauk and Moe. They can also be seen performing at esteemed music venues including The Knitting Factory (NYC), the Studio at Webster Hall (NYC), Thunderbird Cafe (Pittsburgh) and Dante’s (Frostburg). Having drawn attention from publications such as The Journal News and Pittsburgh Music Magazine, The Phryg released their self-titled full length album in July 2016 as a follow up to their debut EP “”Midnight Snack”.”

Leon Troutfacebook-icon

A Boston based power trio that will keep you dancing till sunrise. Emerging from the shadows of the Jam scene, our deep rooted Funkadelic River Rock sound will leave you hungry for more…. #GetOnIt

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever was formed in 2015, with four CT hometown friends that have an appreciation for sophisticated funky dance music. Incorporating styles from many different types of top notch funk and jam bands, our mission is to provide quality, groovy music to those that like to let loose, dance, and have a good time!


Farmington Valley’s crime-fighting superheroes, Dilfopotamus combines RootsLoop HookPop & Jamwave triphop, in a def trance mode. Dilfopotamus will get to the bottom of this.

Village Hill Trio

Village Hill comes from the Dim Sum school of performance. Eclectic!
check out our website

SecondHand Smoke

We are a six-piece band out of Central Mass. The band is a Sublime tribute band, we do have a few originals and we play Bob Marley, Slightly Stoopid, and Rebelution. Singer, Rob Richards, Guitarist, Michael Albano, Drummer, Anthony Albano, Saxophone, Marcus Baker, Bass, Jamie Mazzaferro, and DJ/Percussionist, Josh Goyette. We have played all around New England. There is more about our band on our website:

One Time Weekend

One Time Weekend formed their groovy sound in Collinsville, CT. Members Ian D’Arcangelo, Ben Sullivan, Adam Eytan, and Zach Mulcahy combined their talent to form a fresh youthful vibe influenced by artists such as John Mayer, Julian Lage, Snarky Puppy, Twiddle, and various artists both past and present. The newly formed group has written many original songs that feature their funky, jazzy, and reggae tastes while adding complexity to the mix, creating their own unique sound. When their music starts to tickle your ears it’ll make you wanna boogie down and shake ya tail feathers to the groove!

Amos Fortune

Amos Fortune formed in 2014, although most of the members have been playing together in various bands and projects for over a decade. The band has self-produced and recorded two EP’s: “American Folklore” in 2015 and “Bees and Seas; Live at Big T’s” in 2016. They have performed at many venues throughout New England, and this past year have branched out farther, playing shows in Colorado and at The Jersey Shore Music Festival in NJ. They recently spent some time in the studio recording two new singles, which have just been released. Check them out at

All of Amos Fortune’s artwork is done by Matt Benjamin.
Cole Ferguson- vocals, guitar, keys
Kayne Ferguson- lead guitar, vocals
Josh Brown- rhythm guitar
Eric Doucet- bass, vocals
Tom Lewis- drums